How to protect your Android phone from hackers?

How do you keep your phone away from hackers? Now crimes like hacking and data breach are on the rise. As a result, it is becoming difficult to ensure cyber security.

Protecting your favorite device has become a challenge, especially after incidents like Pegasus spyware have come to light. Once your phone get in touch of hackers, many unwanted crime can occured by stealing your information.

But did you know that your Android mobile has some built-in security features. Android operating system that provides for your overall protection.

How to protect your phone from hackers?

In today’s Tips and Tricks I will talk about some ways to prevent hacking. So let’s find out some great uses of the Android operating system to protect your smartphone from hackers.

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screen lock

Screen lock can be an effective way to protect your phone from hacking. The more impenetrable the screen lock of your phone, the harder it is for hackers to get into your phone. The feature would protect your phone if your phone is stolen.

You can use different pattern locks to make the screen lock impenetrable. Or use an incomprehensible password for more security.

Android phones also supports screen lock with biometric system. In this case you can use your fingerprint or face lock. It will make the screen lock stronger.

How to turn on?

To turn on the screen lock service on your device you need to go to the setting option. From there you can choose the screen lock option.

Then choose which types of screen lock you want to use. You can use multiple screen lock such as pattern lock or face lock at a time.

find my device

Find My Device is an impeccable feature of the Android operating system. If you enable this feature, you can easily find it if you lose your mobile phone.

However, this feature not only helps to find your lost mobile, but you can use it to delete all the information from the lost mobile. However, this feature will only be effective when your phone’s location is on.

How to turn on?

To turn on this feature, you must first go to the setting option. From there, select the security option and go to the Find My Device option. Then you have to enable the feature.

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safe browsing

Another service you can use to protect your phone from hackers is Safe Browsing. If this feature is enabled on your device, you will receive a notification before accessing any website or link.

This means that if you use Safe Browsing, it will give you a warning message in case of accessing any harmful link.

How to turn on?

To take advantage of this feature, you must first go to the Chrome browser. Then click on the top three dot menu on the right side to choose the settings option.

Then you have to enable the Safe Browsing option by entering the sync Google service.

stop sharing data

While using the Android operating system, we download various applications. In fact, these applications are the lifeline of smartphones.

But in order to launch these applications, they require access to various storage on your device. And without realizing it, we have access to almost all applications that never shut down.

To protect your phone from hackers, data sharing from unused applications needs to be stopped. This reduces the chances of the data in your storage being stolen.

How to turn off?

To stop data sharing with an uninterrupted application, first go to the settings option. Then from the apps settings you need to determine which applications you have not been using for a long time and you want to stop sharing it.

However, in this case, the new data added to your storage will not only be shared with that application. However, the old storage: and the data may remain with that application.

google play protector

Google Play Protector is a great feature to keep Android phones safe from hackers. Basically, this feature basically checks the security of all the applications downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Usually, malware can get into our phone by downloading a new application, which then steals the phone’s data and takes it to hackers.

In addition, Google Play Protector will periodically scan your phone’s applications and alert you to the presence of malware.

How to turn on?

To turn on this impeccable feature of Android, first you have to go to the settings option. Then if you choose the security option from there, you will see the option called Google Play Protector. NOW you just to enable it.

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What else do to protect tour phone?

To protect your device from hackers, let’s know some more things. There is a possibility that your device may be hacked at any time in any way. So check the security in it from time to time.

To protect your Google Account, change your password regularly and use strong passwords with characters, uppercase, symbols etc. You can visit to see if anyone else is using your password.

Then click on Password Check Up from here. This will let you know if anyone else is using your password.

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