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How To Save Water Amid Growing Water Crisis In Europe? 

How to save water amid the growing water crisis in Europe? Because, Europe is going to be in the middle of one of the driest summers it has ever seen. Its supplies in reservoirs are dropping to record lows. 

Accordingly, in countries like Portugal and Poland, people have been asked to cut down on water use to ease the pressure. On the other hand, in some Spanish towns and villages, water only comes out of the taps for four hours a day. 

Additionally, in the UK, some water providers have announced restrictions on water use. And, that will affect millions of people. So, it is necessary to learn about how to save water amid the growing water crisis in Europe. Here are five unique ways to learn. 

How To Save Water? 5 Unique Ways To Learn 

#1. Take Short Showers

Make a habit of short showers. Because, the shorter showers are the better to save water. Accordingly, cutting your daily shower from eight minutes to just four minutes could save around 36 litres of water. 

Additionally, a water saving timer could help make it easy for you to cut consumption when you take shower. It will let you know when you have used more than 35 litres. 

#2. Collect Rainwater From Roof To Water Your Plants

If you live in a region, where there is still decent rainfall, you could use this water as it falls on your roof for watering your plants. Accordingly, you can store it in a water butt. 

However,  if you don’t have a water butt,  you can simply put a container under the bottom of the drain pipe. And, this will easily catch the run off before it goes down the drain.

Thus, this water can then be useful to keep your garden green instead of switching on the hose.

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#3. Check For Your Water Leaks

Because a leak can waste a lot of water rapidly, you must check for all of your water leaks. You get to know it when your bill has suddenly increased for no logical reason. Then, it could be a sign that there must be a problem with your plumbing.

Accordingly, if you have an accessible water metre, you can simply see if there is a leak in the system. Now, take a reading then don’t use any water for 30 minutes to an hour. And, if the reading changes, there’s a good chance you have a problem.

#4. Try Not To Fill Your Kettle Up For Just One Cup Of Tea

This tip is for the people of the UK. Accordingly, when you are making a brew, try to only put the amount of water you need into the kettle. 

However, it’s tempting to fill the kettle all the way up but many of you simply pour out the extra water. Simply, by boiling just a cup or two, you’ll not only save water but energy too. 

#5. Use A Bowl To Wash Veggies And Fruits 

Fill up a bowl, then wash your veggies and fruits will be essential to save a lot of water. Because, a running tap uses around 15 litres of water every minute. Then, when you are rinsing your produce, trying to use a bowl will be good. 

Accordingly,  fill the bowl then rinse the fruit or vegetable in it piece by piece. Thus, this will cut down on the water you use. And, you can also use this to water your plants.

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