How to save water? Best strategies in daily life

There are many strategies to save the water. Water is the basic need of life. It is the dire need of today to save it.

It is one of the natural resources available in enormous amounts on the earth. There are different sources involved in water supply systems to access it to the homes. 

It is found that in daily life practices, the water we use in homes is to be wasted a lot. However there are multiple problems related to the wastage of water but some are to be treated with certain strategies. 

Strategies To Save Water

Following are the some useful tips to follow to save the water as for the conservation of this natural resource:

Make Limits Of Water Usage

Make limits pertains to the proper way of using water. Less water should be enough. Make sure you turn off the taps while not in use.

Other limits include your ways of water usage for showers, washing clothes, gardening etc. For these purposes you should follow a bucket rule, little showers, buckets instead of sprinklers and so on. 

You must apply limits Limits in your daily routine. However you may take shower instead of a bath. A full bath may take plenty of water. 

Furthermore, try to wash clothes when you have a full load. Avoid using water repeatedly for no reason. 

Stop Wasting to save water

People waste the Water a lot in different ways. One of the reasons is long time gardening and car wash purposes. One of the measurement rules is the Bucket rule. This is simple and easy for these purposes.

Make a bucket for your water measurement. Apply water to your car with the bucket measurement. This would probably take your 4 to 5 buckets at all.

On the other hand, there is a practice of watering the garden using pipes. These pipes are sometimes made with pressure outages. This is really a water wasting practice. 

Thus you need to change the practice and care for water wastage. Pipes to be set at normal pressures. Furthermore there should be a limit of timing for watering the garden.

Make Water Reusable 

Do not waste water with its first use. Try to make multiple uses of water if once taken. Water must not be dirty or polluted for your 2nd use. 

One of the examples is to put a bowl in your sink for washing fruits and vegetables. Then use the bowl water for watering your plants or trees. Thus saving water used in the kitchen, makes a lot. 

Another example is about the water you use in washing clothes. The usable water to be saved for cleaning purposes. This water is good for bathroom and toilet cleaning if near to your laundry. 

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Cut Off Water Wasting Practices In Homes

People are habitual of some bad practices. These practices have gradually made water crises problems. All you need to do is to cut off these practices. 

  • Don’t leave the water running for rinsing when you are washing the dishes.
  • Turn off the tap after wetting your toothbrush. It takes time to clean the teeth.
  • Take little showers daily and clean yourself.
  • Eat less water intensive foods. You should eat less meat or beef in your diet. Taking a plant- based diet would shrink your water footprint. 
  • Check out your water usage on your water bill. It will be good to take a water audit from the local government.
  •  Share knowledge about conserving the water with your friends and neighbours. 

Checkout The Leaks And Modify Water Installations

Water may leak for a long time and people don’t remember to check it out. This would cause a wastage at high amounts. You must check the water pipes and outlets to avoid continuous leakage.

On the other hand, there is a need to modify the water Installations. Installation involves modification in water intakes.

For example you may have the following modifications: Install low and dual flush models in your toilets, water saving shower heads, shower timers, low flow faucet aerators. 

Furthermore you may opt for a dishwasher in place of hand washing, position sprinklers carefully in the garden etc. 

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