How to send Schedule Email: Know the easy steps

Do you want to schedule email to your colleague? Using Google’s Gmail service, you can easily schedule your written email.

Sometimes you have to email the boss of the office or give some necessary information to the teacher by e-mail. But there is no time to compose it at the right time to send the e-mail. Some people are also write email after the day.

But if you send all these necessary emails just before going to sleep, in many cases that is not good. Your colleague may take it negatively.

You can easily schedule your email to solve this problem. And once the e-mail is scheduled, you no longer have to worry because it will reach your recipient in time.

In today’s great tips and tricks I will share how you can schedule your email using Gmail service. So let’s find out the easy way to schedule email from desktop and smartphone.

How to send schedule mail using desktop?

If you want to send schedule Gmail using desktop, follow the simple steps below.


First open Gmail from your browser. Then click on compose.


Now enter the Gmail address of the person to whom you want to send the email in the specified box. Give the subject that matches your email. Then write down what your email is.


When the email text is complete, you will see a drop down arrow next to the send button. Click here and select Schedule Send.


Then in the peak date and time option, select the time you want to send the mail. For this, first select the date from the calendar. Then set the time.


Once the time and date is set, you will get the send option at the bottom right of the screen. Once you send the email from here, it will reach the recipient at the specified time.

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How to send schedule email using mobile?

For those who want to send scheduled emails using smart phones, follow the steps below. However, it is important to note that iPhone and Android users can send scheduled emails in the same way.


Open the Gmail app from your smartphone. Then click on the compose option.


Enter the recipient’s Gmail address and subject in the same way as before. Then compose the message you want to send.


Once your mail is written, you will see a three dot menu next to the send icon. Click here and select Schedule Send from the pop-up menu.


Then select the time and date on which you want to send the mail. Next, select the time.


Then click on Schedule Send and you are absolutely sure. Because the email will reach the recipient on the scheduled date and time.

How to delete scheduled mail?

After scheduling a mail, sometimes you do not want to send it to. But then you can easily delete your scheduled email. As a result, the email will not reach the recipient.

To delete a scheduled email, first go to Gmail from your device. Then desktop users choose the scheduled option on the right side. And smartphone users choose that option from the three-bar icon.

Then select the email you do not want to send and click Cancel Send. This is a very easy way to schedule your email and delete it if you do not need.

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