How to Use Android Phone as a GPS Tracker Device

It is great to know about the GPS system within your android handset. GPS helps when you lost your device or someone stole it. It also works when your phone is disconnected from the internet. You can use Android Phone as a GPS and it can be turned into a GPS tracker. There are different steps to be made for this purpose.

Process to turn on GPS in Android

Note: following instructions are based on Samsung Galaxy S8, running android 8.0 Oreo. You may take these steps in other android phones also. 

  • There is a built-in feature known as ‘find my device’. By clicking on this your phone catches the device location and forwards it to the google server. Now Google knows where your device is. 
  • You need a google account then you will use google’s web interface to track the location of your device at any time. 
  • You need to enable Find My Device on your phone.

How to Enable Find my Device

  • Go to your device’s settings
  • Click on Lock Screen and Security
  • Tap on other Security settings ( This step is optional depending upon your android’s version) 
  • Tap on Device Administrators apps
  • Then Click Find my device
  • Tap on Activate option

For the activation of find my device you will need to allow 4 permissions.

  1. The ability to erase all data 
  2. The ability to change your device’s screen unlock password 
  3. The ability to lock screen and
  4. The ability to turn off functions on the lock screen.

How to Use Find My Device on Android

The feature Find my Device will let you control the device from anywhere. This is informative to know the usage of this feature.

Once you enable the Find my Device, you have to launch a web browser. Then search to Find my Device dashboard and sign in to your google account.

After logging in, select the device which you want to find, then click on the locate button for that device. This will enable you to see the last known location and the time of its location. It can be off by upto 20 to 30 meters in areas with poor GPS visibility. 

  You can also download many Third-Party Android Apps for tracking if you don’t like to use Find my Device for whatever reason. For this, you also don’t need to create a google account or anything for using the app. 

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Other Apps For Tracking

There are two Well known Apps for tracking purposes.

1. Lookout:

 Lookout is basically made for tracking purposes. This app is mainly concerned with security. It is an all-in-one security solution. This works as a good antivirus app. You may use this app for these two main security and safety reasons. 

2. Prey: 

Prey is very similar to Find My Device because of its practical usage. One of the most important benefits of this app is its availability across multiple other platforms. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone. This will help you to track ALL of your devices from anywhere.

               All of these apps are useful as anti-theft and anti-loss security apps for Android. They’re certainly useful for security and other purposes but you can use them for straight-up tracking if you so wish.

Making Your Android Device Fixed for Tracking

When you set your device as fixed for tracking, whether using Find My Device or a third-party app, there’s only one thing left to do: attach the device to the person or object that you want to track. You can give it to that person or fix it to the object which you have to track.

Things to Consider in an Android Tracker

There are three main factors you need to be concerned about. 

Battery Life:

In an Android phone, there are a lot of apps running in the background. These are continuously draining your battery life. Make sure you have turned off the background data. To make your phone a perfect GPS tracker, you must only activate the GPS tracking option. 

Signal Quality: 

GPS trackers have perfect signal quality. GPS signals are even far superior to any smartphone signals. They are good at tracking in those areas where mobile signals aren’t going well. 

Risks and Costs:

Dedicated GPS trackers are easier to mount, more robust, and even if they’re lost or damaged, they’re cheaper to replace. The GPS tracker will let you reach the point where the person or object might face any accident or damage.  

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