How will they survive in the middle of nowhere?

The Asian cinema is known for its subtle comedy, heroic bloodshed action, and unique storyline that endures the watchers to stick to their television sets and enjoy the unique blend of all genres in a single movie. China has remarkable achievements in the field of telecommunication and broadcasting. China Central Television is the largest and most powerful national television station. It has almost over 3000 channels available. This includes high-tech coverage over the nation and airing of the shows made by the production industry. Tencent Video has announced a new concept show inspired by United State’s show Survivor, which initiated the genre. The show will be called 50km Taohuawu and will have a cast of  15 celebs unaware of each other and will meet them for the first time. Then, they will spend 21 days in a retreat where they will live together, cook together and survive together. The show is shot in a small town called Taohuawu, 50km from Beijing, where the show gets its name.

The main objective of the makers is to provide observational learning to the viewers, i.e., they will learn a lot of things about themselves as when they will see their favorite celebs dropped into unpredictable and uncomfortable situations. The actors were very confused when they arrived at the premises. They tried to comprehend things and made some plans. A group leader was assigned, and agendas that were to be followed were discussed.

Douban, a movie and TV show review site, has rated the show 6 out of 10. The reason for middling ratings is that some critics believe that the show is boring, annoying, and cringeworthy. Many of them have mocked the presentation by stating that Tencent has hired paid subscribers to gain TRP. However, on the other hand, the director Xie Dikui assured that the purpose of the show is not to create unnecessary drama and cringe moments because this might attract a large chunk of an audience, but they will not be healed. He only wants to express the original inner feelings of the characters to the viewers.

Despite some issues and debates, the show is still running with a good audience.

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