Humanity and Human Rights: Do they really work?

An animal may eat its newborn when it is hungry. Tigers and lions also fight to stay in power. But torture is rarely seen in animal society. Seeing the course of events, it seems so in human being. For decades, people have kept alive issues like Kashmir crisis, Israel-Palestine crisis and Rohingya crisis for their own self-interest. The Myanmar government has been dealing with Rohingyas in Rakhine State for decades. But in 2017, the Rohingya were forced to take refuge in Bangladesh as refugees in the face of widespread persecution. But gradually the huge population become a threat, as a result, it seems reasonable to relocate some of them to Bhasanchar due to security purpose. Recently, there have been reports of Rohingyas crossing the border into India. Perhaps there is no consequence of their fate due to security issues. It is easy to guess at its cruelty. The people of this subcontinent can easily guess the experience when a people have to leave their permanent abode and become a nomadic nation.

Today we live in a civilized society. We give slogans of humanity and human rights all around. But when you look around, it seems that these human rights demands are easily played. How strong is human rights law in the long five years where it has not been possible to repatriate the Rohingya to Myanmar?

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