Hymen reconstruction ruling for the women

The introduction of the new religious law in Egypt allows more women for hymen repair than before. However, many activists and women’s organizations played a significant role in bringing such a moment. Many people still criticize it. According to many people, the hymen repair will encourage the girls for pre-marital sex more. 

According to Dr. Ahmed Mamdouh, patching is needed for the girls who have been raped earlier. This surgery will help them to deceive from such trauma and move on in their life.  

On August 30, a new fatwa came into the sight of many people. Fatwa is an Arabic name for the legal laws handed by Islamic religious figures. This, Sheikh Ali Gomaa’s fatwa opposes the repairment of hymens in promiscuous women. 

A question was circulating in the mind of many that. Are the hymen repair permissible in Islam or not? In which, Mamdouh pointed out the word that repairing the hymen is prohibit in Sharia. Sharia is one of the teachings in Islam tradition. 

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Hate Speech on Hymen Surgery 

Just after the finishing of his speech, the Facebook broadcast started filling up with many comments. In which many of them were against and criticizing the fact. Many were arguing that the hymen surgery, also known as hymenoplasty, would attract more and more women into the sex. Because later on, they will be able to fix it before their marriage. 

According to the expert on sexual and gender-based violence in Egypt, Habiba Abdelaal, women’s virginity is the conditional credibility for marriage in Egypt. 

But according to the Egyptian associative law, neither performing or receiving such operation will charge any case. It is entirely legal for everyone if they want to perform or have. The surgery price starts from €1,000 (around $1,200) in public and private clinics. But still, having the intact hymen is seen as the morality and purity of the woman and her family in Egypt. 

In Egypt, many mothers devote their daughters by telling them the value of virginity. They scare them from the ruptured hymen and warns them to stay away from any sort of things that can affect that vital membrane. They don’t allow them to have sex with anyone before marriage neither masturbation. 

But the remarkable fact is that in such difficult situations the Mamdouh’s ruling still allowing the hymen surgery. 

This surgery gives hope to those girls who have lost their virginity either in rape or in the lure of pre-marital sex. 

When their families or society avoid them, they roam out in the cold alone and are not able to seek decent lives. The [hymen reconstruction] surgery may give them a second chance, and they may move on to become wives and mothers

Women Rights support by Hymen Reconstruction

Besides all those reasons, one of the cruelest reasons for the hymen reconstruction is “urfi.”Urfi means unregistered marriage, which is a sort of rape. The divorcees from such types of weddings were not in the alimony. So in their case, the hymen surgery can help them remarry without any shame on their family. 

Still, many religious scholars do not favor this because the woman should tell his husband about the surgery. For the sake of her morality. 

Many say not to tell the husband about it for the sake of good married life, but many are against it because the complete marriage lies on trust.

Change for Some

This new rule can be considered a success for women. However, there are many things in Egypt to discuss on. Instead, just on the religious discussion of women. 

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