ILLUMINATI – How is it controlling the whole world?

Yes, you heard me right, illuminati is a secret group of people who control the whole world. Illuminati is a system. When we think about illuminati, the words that comes into our mind is conspiracy, aliens and even we think some celebrities are a part of it. However no one knows the truth.

They stay hidden and do their work silently, they have even made code words through which they communicate so that no one could reveal their actual identity. Illuminati is divided into three grades – Nursey is the primary stage where they are tested whether they are capable of being in the group then comes is the Masonry and lastly Mysteries. Mysteries include Priests, Princes, politicians and kings. They know the top secrets and have meetings with the elites.

Illuminati was founded by a German law professor, Adam Weishaupt who believed in the ideas of enlightenment. Adam Weishaupt shared his thoughts with the well known people so they could form an enlighten group together. However Adam Weishaupt aim was to remove superstitions from the society but the people with whom Adam formed this group were of evil minds.

They wanted power all the over the world. So they started inviting powerful leaders in their group by hook or crook. Rich or powerful people can only be a part of this group. With the passage of time they became stronger and their first priority was monarchy. They took away the throne from few kings and set their own control over their land. They even had puppets who pass the law and silently they started controlling world currencies.

But a time came when people got to know about this group and even some were arrested. However Duke of Bavaria passed a law which stated that no one is allowed to become a part of any secret groupism or hence it would be punishable. Due to this many illuminati people were caught and they helped capturing the rest due to fear. About 2000 people were arrested but 30 powerful leaders were not behind bars. They started living a normal life like us. However many theorists stated that it was the end of illuminati.

In 80s this group was again active. But this time there were no organization but instead it’s a kind of secret group who pushes their ideology towards the masses. They were smarter than before and they started recruiting Freemasons. From this the most famous ever- watching eye, pyramid, triangle etc. came into existence. It’s not illuminati symbol but symbol of Freemasons. Well know leaders like George Washington also joined because it was not necessarily bad . Even in a dollar you would see a pyramid and an eye.

When illuminati started controlling few people from this group, illuminati was again in existence. Then they started making rituals and instead of god they started praying for devil because they were against church. Illuminati people started taking control over stock markets and during war they gained the most because they supplied weapons for both the countries under war . According to Facts they purposely created war environment so that could earn for eg – French revolution. During World War I and World War 2 elites earned a lot of profit.

In 1960s many leader who were a part of illuminate became known to the public. Many conspiracy theories came into existence but this time they were very powerful and whosoever stood against them won’t be granted.

In those days many countries started making nuclear weapons and due to this there was peace and no country wanted to destroy their own country which was of a huge loss for illuminati people. But this didn’t stopped them, they again hired famous celebrities through whom they started selling their own products. But this time it wasn’t weapons but cool gadgets. With the time they became huge investors in big companies.

Their aim is to give cooperative jobs to people so their thinking power is of no use and give them salary and then through flashy gadgets their salary is been taken back . People will be busy in their life but on the other side these elites will become richer day by day. Not every company have illuminati people as they big investors. However they are spread all over the world.

This society is secretly working on New World order. New World means they are searching for a single king who will rule the whole world. Illuminati have no connection with devil or angel because their concept is New World order. Even many people know Illuminati as ” they” for eg – they will take over the world .

Illuminati is purposefully spreading conspiracy theories so that the world would remain busy and no one knows about their identity. According to Facts, Illuminati has a control on every organization which include- US government, NATO , Vatican City, The UN and Hollywood because these are the societies who could reveal them. Moreover few facts say there is a eye in a US dollar so it could mean that illuminati is controlling US government. However this is still a mystery.

Today’s Question

How many years the group operated?

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  1. I have some doubts regarding it however this article brought some light to it ๐ŸŒบ i agree there is something like this. And one day we will become a victim of it.

  2. I agree . Illuminati people are all over the world. Few think them as businessmen while some think them as devils. Who knows what’s the real truth behind it.

  3. Illuminati will always remain a mystery even if somone try to crack it and bring it up to the society. It’s of no use. But i really appreciate your efforts โœŒ๐Ÿป

  4. Illuminati means light. Adam wanted to bring clarity however it became the worst nightmare ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ ( we will see in the future)

  5. It’s a very shocking and true article about illuminati. If you dig deep into it you will get to know alot of things. Since these are just facts or opinions we are still away from the real truth. According to me the illuminati group formed nearly in 1545 . And is still active. About the new world order it’s kinda true and shocking at the same time. These are just my opinions.

  6. Wait a second , talking about celebrities who are a part of it . If you remember Michael Jackson said that” they “will kill him. I am freaking out ๐Ÿ’€ God damn !!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค


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