Independence Legendary Subhash Chandra Bose’s Story

Subhash Chandra was a Bengali nationalist Hindu. He had a goal of expelling the British from India through armed insurrection.

Subhash And Congress

He was an ICS (Indian Civil Service) officer from Bengal. Congress elected him president twice. But due to ideological differences with Gandhi and Nehru, he resigned from the presidency.

Subhash Chandra Bose also remained secretary-general of Congress. And he had the opportunity to work with Nehru.

Gandhi was against the presidency of Subhash. Thus the Congress was divided.  Although Subhash wanted to keep the Congress united.  But Gandhi asked him to form his own cabinet. Differences also arose between Nehru and Subhash.

Subhash’s Struggle With The Outbreak Of WW2

Subhash Chandra after the outbreak of World War II launched a massive civil disobedience movement against Britain.

On which he was arrested. But after Subhash’s seven-day hunger strike, the British government was forced to release him.

However, his house remained under strict surveillance. Subhash tricked his guards and left India for Afghanistan.  And he lived there in the guise of a tribal man.

Fearing that his words would reveal the truth, he pretended to be a dumb man.

His Secret Trips To Moscow And Germany

Aga Khan III supporters helped him cross the border of Afghanistan. Subhash from Afghanistan went to Moscow on an Italian passport.  From there to Rome and then went to Germany. His purpose was to gain the support of foreign forces in the immediate struggle against British imperialism. Subhash was likely to stay long in Moscow. But he became frustrated by the attitude of the Soviet government. 

He immediately left for Germany. Where he was well received. He formed an independent Indian army of four and a half thousand Indian prisoners of war. His members took an oath of allegiance from Hitler and Bose.  But Subhash soon realized that Germany would do nothing practically. 

And he also saw that as a result of the oath his soldiers have taken, they have become more loyal to Hitler than to India.  Subhash Chandra Bose wanted his independent Indian Army to be sent to India via the Soviet Union to attack the British army.  But that possibility was ruled out after the German invasion of the Soviet Union.  

Subhash was now convinced that Hitler was using his Indian exiled army only for propaganda. And did not want to do anything practical. So in February, he secretly boarded a submarine going for Japan. And so the army recruited by Subhash in Germany became helpless.

Subhash In Japan

In Japan, Darshma Bihari, an Indian immigrant, had formed the Indian National Army. Comprising all Indian prisoners of war.  Which collapsed a few months later due to differences. Subhash reorganized the army after arriving in Japan. He made great courage among Indian immigrants.

And his campaign brought the number of its army members to 85000. There was also a separate women’s unit. Indian National independent army was under the interim exile government. And that government was recognized by Germany, Japan, Italy, and Croatia.  The interim government published its currency, post ticket and civil code.

Subhash’s Mysterious End

Japan occupied the Andamans and Nicobar Islands.  And a year later an independent Indian interim government was formed. And the islands were renamed Shaheed and Swaraj.

Subhash Chandra Bose’s struggle for freedom and life ended in a very mysterious way. It is said that he arrived in Japan in August 1945. His ship crashed on the way.  However, no conclusive evidence was found. And such a great leader of the war of independence’s disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

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