India In Trouble: France Restarted Rafale Deal Probe

Here is another development that may cause trouble for the Modi government. Judicial investigation restarted in France over the Rafale deal. A deal worth 7.8 billion Euros in 2016.

Mediapart Exposed Documents

Mediapart, an outlet, has been reporting on the Rafale deal. The outlet is revealing criminal documents. Dassault aviation is the manufacturer of fighter Rafale jets. Mediapart exposes that Dassault has given a generous amount to Anil Ambani’s Reliance group.

Due to media art’s reports french public prosecution has restarted hearing of  2016’s deal.

Brief History Of Rafale Deal

In 2015 there was an ongoing process of dialogues between India and Dassault. Buying and manufacturing of 126 Rafale jet planes were discussed. All of a sudden PM Modi in April 2015 closed these discussions. And replaced it with the purchase of 36 new jets.

Mediapart also exposed the fact that an agreement was confirmed between reliance and Dassault on 26th March 2015. That date was 15 days before PM Modi‘s official announcement.

Memorandum Of Understanding

According to media part documents, MoU between reliance and Dassault was signed on 26th March 2015. What the matter of concern is how private companies can do such sensitive agreements.

Also, financial agreements were on side letters and hence were secretive. It was decided that Dassault will provide 159 million Euros in the 169 million Euros project. Reliance just promised to provide 10 million Euros.

Indian Opposition Parties

Opposition parties of India had raised questions on low transparency in the said deal. It is also worth mentioning here that former french president Francoise Hollander will also be under investigation. New president Emmanuel Macron was an economics and treasury minister at that time. 

Dassault aviation categorically rejected all allegations charged on them by media part reporting. They say they follow strictly anti-bribery and related national laws.

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