Indian Cricket Team annoyed the BCCI

BCCI is annoyed with Indian Cricket Team coach Ravi Shastri. The team captain Virat Kohli along with Ravi Shastri attended a Public event on the series tour.

Last week, the public event had attended by the coach and the captain of the Indian Cricket Team in London.

Shastri tested positive on Sunday after attending the event. Other staff members include the Bowling coach Bharat Arun and the fielding coach R Sridhar, also tested positive on Monday. The staff member stays in close contact with the coach. The team Physio Nitin Patel is isolating himself for safety measures.

The book event that happened in the hotel last Tuesday, included Shastri, Kohli, and other members of the team. The event room was packed with people, making it easy for the virus to spread.

Indian Cricket Team Embarrassed BCCI

Kohli and Shastri shared the stage during the event. BCCI confirms that the Indian Cricket Team did not contain a proper permit from the Indian board to attend the event.

A BCCI official talks to the Times Of India on Monday, He said, “The Photos from the event have been shared with BCCI officials. The board will probe the matter. This incident has left the board embarrassed. Shastri and Kohli will be questioned about the circumstances after the test”. He added that the team’s administrative manager is also under the scanner.

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Indian Cricket Team asked neither of the Boards for Permission

On the reports of the British media and other sources, the team India didn’t even ask the England and Whales Cricket Board(ECB) for a clearance permit. The BCCI’S official said, “The BCCI is in touch with ECB and trying to make sure that the series will get complete without any further incidents. For now, everyone’s hoping that Coach recovers soon. There will be a selection meeting for the World Cup T20 on Wednesday”. Possibly the boards will discuss the matters.

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The incident left both of the boards stumped. Other than that the members of the tour can go outside for a walk or a breath of fresh air, but only at places with no rush.

The official stated, “This wasn’t an official event that either of the boards had organized. This particular incident is more unsettling for the board because Jay Shah(secretary of BCCI) wrote to everyone in the team before the series, asking them to be cautious and to avoid attending crowded events. The action of the team did not go down well with the board”.

Taking Safety Measures was a Must

There’s also an uncertainty that the event may not be the reason for catching the virus as there are other ways. There’s a public lift in the hotel, which is also in use by other guests.

However, the board still thinks that they should’ve skipped the event anyways.

Infected Staff will not travel to Manchester.

On Monday the test(Rapid Antigen Test) the team members receive the results. The infected support staff will not be attending the fifth test on September 10th, while the team will be playing next in Manchester.

The Indian team beat England on day five by 157 runs and currently is in the lead of 2-1. The final test match will be taking place in Manchester on the 10th of September. The winners of the series will be lifting the Pataudi Trophy.

The tests of Indian cricketers came as negative, so the board is allowing them to play the remaining test days at the Oval.

Both of the teams will be under strict safety measures. The official said, “There will be a proper bubble in Manchester. There’s the IPL is coming up in the UAE five days after the fifth test finishes”. The official is emphasizing the importance of safety measures or otherwise, the team will have to isolate themselves. He also said that everyone is hoping that there won’t be any mess up after these safety measures.

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