Indian students applying for abroad are losing the opportunities

Due to corona, India is suffering alot in all the sectors. In terms of education, student’s are becoming a victim of online education and are going through depression and anxiety. Currently, India has the highest youth population all over the world out of which around 12lakh students have applied for 12th board exams , however the exams has been cancelled. And the date has been announced for the declaration of 12th board result i.e 31stJuly through the marks criteria set by the government yet many students who are applying for abroad for higher studies are struggling because visa offices are closed and stated that it would be opened around 15th August which is not suitable for many students applying for abroad. As session in abroad begins around August end. Many universities are even emailing students to withdraw their names if they will be unable to attend the classes and are losing the opportunities. As a sincere student , i would like to raise my voice that the government should make important decisions regarding this matter.

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