Indus Valley Civilisation: Culture, Features And Historical Facts

The Indus Valley Civilisation was the first Civilisation ever existed in the world. It possesses historical importance due to its culture formation and development. 

The origins of the Indus Valley Civilisation appears to be about 5000 BCE. There were two other civilisations at that time, Mesopotamia and Egypt. However the Indus Civilisation was the most extensive.

Indus Valley Civilisation: Archaeological Sites 

As of the facts that the indus valley Civilisation had a unique culture, tradition and norms. The people were skilled and experts in arts and architecture. Moreover, there are different facts that have come to be known through the excavation of it’s archaeological sites. 

Thus Indus Valley Civilisation consisted of two archaeological cities: Mohen jo Daro and Harappa. However the excavation of Mohenjo daro was completed in 1922 and Harappa in 1921. These cities spread over an area of about 250 acres. 

Different Features Of Civilized Cities

  • The Indus Valley cities of the were planned in grid patterns with streets crossing at right angles. 
  • The cities hosted a population of more than 40,000 people. 
  • The features of these cities are road plans, rectilinear buildings, Use of Contemporary building materials and latest home design. 
  • They had a huge well for the public, great granaries and a perfect system of sanitation.
  • The overall features shows that the cities had a system of community and society. 
  • People were social, artists, sculptors and great town planners. They build double storey houses and perfect urban planning.

Culture Of Indus Valley Civilisation 

The culture of Indus Valley people was influenced by their religions. Those were Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. They believe in many gods and created places for their worship.

People were socially conscious. They set public meetings and had public halls and a community leader. Moreover they also believe in magical rituals, charms, demons and spirits.

Interestingly, the Indus valley people practiced yoga and meditation. Moreover, the Indus Valley people built bath houses for ritual bathing. Indus people used jewellery including bangles, gold jewellery, calcite bead necklaces and pendants. 

Furthermore it is the first Civilisation to develop irrigation and farming systems. Additionally, they also developed a form of tax, the system of distribution of grain as a base of economy. 

Thus the people of the Indus Valley Civilisation were peaceful and religious. Moreover they avoided all the conflicts and regional issues. Hence created their own ways and development in every field of life.

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Historical Facts About Indus Valley Civilisation 

There are a number of certain facts about the history of Indus valley Civilisation.

Profession Of Indus Valley People

The Indus Valley Civilisation had agriculture for the basis of people’s lives and survival. For this purpose people had professions of trade at that time. They travel country to country for trade. Infact, Summerians were their trade partners and trade of sesame oil, cotton and wool.

Decoration And Ornamentation 

However people of the Indus valley used different objects for decorations. They love ornamentation and decorations. Thus the household articles were of metals like copper or bronze. While the decorative pieces were mostly pottery.

Indus Valley Food 

Adding to this, people were habitual of different kinds of foods. Those include Rice, wheat, milk, vegetables like sesame and fruits like date palms. 

Evidence Of Toys And Games 

Furthermore, the people of the Indus Valley were playful. Majority of the population were children. There is evidence of toys and games. Cubical dice, clay figures of bullock carts, spinning tops, miniature pots and other utensils are among those pieces of evidence.

Seals Of Indus Valley Civilisation 

The people used seals for their paper works, letters and agreements. However these seals are small, rectangular stone slabs. There were inscriptions on the seals. Moreover the images of animals and other figures were also there. 

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