Inequalities in South Africa are in global attention

Socio-economic inequalities and injustice are growing in South Africa after the violent protests and looting that have shaken South Africa in early July.

South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma was sentenced to a 15-month jail term for refusing to appear before a state-sanctioned commission of hearing into alleged corruption during his period from 2009-2018. 

After a rift standoff between police and his die-hard followers, Zuma got into a prison to start serving the contested jail term.

But after the violent and indiscriminate looting in KwaZulu-Natal and the other parts of the country, such as Gauteng Province. It has become an angry protest among the followers of Zuma. 

After a week of mayhem, more than 200 people have lost their lives hundreds of civilians are in hospitals. And in all these protests, rogue police also participated. More than 2500 people are in custody. And over 200 shopping malls have gone through robbery. At the same time, billions of dollars have been lost in the destroyed infrastructure. 

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The Answers

During this mayhem, the church leaders in the country were requesting the return of the peace. But they have forgotten the root cause of the anger, which results in growing inequalities and poverty. 

According to Molefe, the head of Molefe Mercy Seat Family in Villa Lisa, the current outbreak of violence in the country is happening due to unforgiving socio-economic conditions. 

People are going through many crises, such as many of them having their jobs, taking salary cuts, staying at home, and watching depressing news. And all this is severely traumatic. 


According to SACBC, the reason for such violence and looting is all that abject poverty that makes this ideal condition. 

Initially, it was just a difference of opinion that left a sparkle of violence and looting. 

But what comes out of the prominent factor of this crisis is the lack of leadership and unethical practices of government in businesses. 


Centuries of colonialism of ruthless exploitation that made black South Africans under white subjugation lay the basis for the evident socio-economic inequalities today.

And the legacy of the White Monopoly Capital is the reason for the inequalities and injustice in the country. 

Africa’s most advanced economy doesn’t benefit all of its citizens, so that is why in 2018, the World Bank announced South Africa as an unequal country. 

The poor areas are in so much trouble nowadays that many looters are looting foods, liquor, and clothing.  

More than half of the population, about 60 million lives are going through poverty in South Africa. And the prominent reason for this is the unemployment rate, which is about 32 percent there. However, South Africa is the only country with the maximum number of millionaires and billionaires in Sub-Saharan Africa. But according to World Bank, South Africa’s riches control almost 70 percent of the resources there. 

As a legacy of Apartheid, race is always prominent in these inequalities. However, the population of the whites is in the minority, but still, they have a preponderating share of the farmland in the country.


According to the economist, the effect of all this will be seen in the far-field. At the same time, the cost of all this violence is still in the calculation. 

Due to the Ballpark statistics, there are many job losses in KwaZulu-Natal province alone at 150,000. And over $1 billion in damaged and looted stocks.

And as South Africa is going in the majority portion of Sub-Saharan African economies. So anything that happens there will affect the entire region.

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