International Labour Day: a movement for rights

International Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 every year to recognize the dignity of working people and their contribution. But there is a tragic history behind International Labour’s Day which reminds us of the torture of the workers. More than 80 countries around the world observe May 1st as International Labour Day.  This day is very important for South Asian countries and socialist countries including India and Bangladesh. Today’s event is dedicated to all working people on the occasion of the great Labour Day.

May Day is actually a procession and gathering of a group of people flying red flags in front of our eyes.  In fact, at present, the Communist and Socialist parties are making their demands centered on May Day. This day is a special day for communists or leftists because they first talked about the liberation of workers.  The German philosopher Karl Marx was the first to mention scientifically class struggle in his given theory. He also discussed the liberation of the proletariat in bourgeois society in his famous book ‘Das capital’. Based on his ideology Lenin, Stalin and others formed Soviet Russia.  In fact, when the Industrial Revolution began in England, the touch of modernity began to spread around. At that time a group of upper class corrosion gradually transformed into bourgeoisie in the role of controlling the machinery of production and the machinery used for running the industry. Those who worked in the industry under this bourgeois group became workers. In the process of alienation they become isolated with the products they produced.  As a result, the level of torture on working people began to increase. One of which was that they had to work all day long.  And the amount of money was very insignificant.

But what we mean by the history of May Day is to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Hay Market Massacre in Chicago, USA. This incident dates back to 164 AD.  Some workers gathered in front of themes Market to demand the right to work eight hours a day and initially began to express their demands in a peaceful manner. In the meantime, the police had to take control of rallies by an unknown person who threw a bomb. Following which the police took retaliatory action and started firing on the agitating workers. It killed 10 to 12 workers and police officers.

The day was later declared International Labor Day in 1889, to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution in France.  

Then in 1994, at a conference of communists held at Amtadam, May Day was also mentioned. As a result, many countries accept the demand to observe May Day as International Labour Day.

In the face of intense labor movement, many countries limit their workers to eight hours.  Then workers from all over the world started celebrating May Day as their own day.  In the first case it was celebrated privately but later many countries recognize May Day. Gradually, under the influence of communist parties, workers began to demand May Day as a public holiday.

May Day is officially called International Labour Day.  This day is a public holiday in many countries of the world. However, in socialist countries like Russia, China or Cuba, this day has special significance. These are officially celebrated in the country through May Day.  May Day was first observed in India in 1923 and since then it has been a public holiday in India and Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. In addition, Algeria and the South Asian country of Argentina began to celebrate May Day later.  However, International Labour Day is celebrated in Canada on the first Monday in September.  In the same way, the United States celebrates Labour Day on the first Monday in September. This day is a special day for various trade unions including working people.  In different places they celebrate the day by holding procession rallies etc.

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