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Internships In SpaceX For Students In 2023

Internships in SpaceX for students in 2023. There are fully-paid internships at SpaceX awaiting applications in multiple fields. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is an American spacecraft manufacturer with its headquarters in California, USA. 

Now, SpaceX has announced a year round internship program for the summers. It is a 12 week SpaceX internship program. Accordingly, the SpaceX internship program offers several opportunities that students can choose depending on their area of interest.

Internship Areas Being Offered By SpaceX 

Internships In SpaceX

SpaceX are providing internships in both technical and non-technical roles. Some of the major fields include:

  • Engineering and Technology 
  • Software Development 
  • Manufacture And Designing 
  • Testing and Safety
  • Business Operations 

Eligibility Criteria For Internship In SpaceX

Candidates must have Bachelor’s degrees to apply for SpaceX internships.

They should have 3.5 CGPA or higher from a renowned institute.

Also, students possess, skill level of using Windows Operations Systems

And, intermediate skill level of using Microsoft Office Program ( Excel, word, Outlook, PowerPoint).

How To Apply ?

Students have to apply online. They should follow these steps:

  • Visit official website of SpaceX 


  • Afterwards, go to the career section in the drop down menu and select the internship option. Then you will see the following web pages.
  • www.spacex.com/internships
  • Once you select internship options, you will have to fill the application form. It asks for personal and contact details. The educational background and preferred internship location. Then, take your resume/CV/ cover letter.
  • Accordingly, after submitting an application, they will call you for the screening test, interview to test your analytical skill. 
  • Lastly, wait for the results. It may take up to 6 months for your application to be fully processed.

Main Internship Locations 

The main locations for SpaceX internships are given below:

  • Cape Canaveral Florida, Launch Site
  • Hawthorne, California 
  • McGregor, Texas, Rocket development facility
  • Vandenberg AFB, California Launch Site
  • Washington DC, Government affairs

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