Iran Allowed UN Nuclear Site Cameras

President of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Muhammad Eslami announced to allow UN Nuclear Site Cameras and Installation of new memory cards in it. 

He held a meeting with the Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency on Sunday. Then declared to allow new memory cards to UN’s surveillance cameras. 

The meeting was held on Sunday 12 September 2021. Members include Director General of the IAEA Rafael Mariano, Deputy head of Atomic energy Organization of Iran and Iran’s envoy to UN Kazem Gharibabadi. 

Iran’s Nuclear Security Cameras’ Concern

Iran’s agreement for UN security cameras is a broad step ever taken by the country. This is an initiative to enhance its international diplomatic ties. 

Iran ensured all recordings at its nuclear sites. It is about to retain negotiations with the US. Moreover, Iran announced to continue the 2015 nuclear deal held in Vienna. 

Previously, in July 2015, Iran yielded the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). A comprehensive 25-year nuclear agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear capacity in exchange for sanctions relief.

Following this step of nuclear site cameras is another diplomatic concern from the country. 

Meanwhile, Iran is going to enrich small amounts of Uranium in nuclear weapons. It is to develop it’s levels of weapons-grade purity. There are further growing concerns about Iran’s international national security issues.

Statements Of Muhammad Eslami On UN Nuclear Site Cameras

Muhammad Eslami presented nuclear security details in front of international Atomic Energy Agency. He ensured the deal would be transparent and without any political concerns. 

He added that the memory cards would be sealed and kept in Iran. As according to the routine And security trend in the agency’s monitoring systems, the cards would be regularly installed and maintained. 

Hence, Iran and IAEA released a joint statement in which both countries confirmed the understanding. They stated that the way and the timing are agreed by the two sides.

Analysis From IAEA Includes and UN nuclear site cameras

IAEA already ensured in its confidential report last week that its verification and monitoring activities are seriously undermined. 

He added recently in the meeting that the equipment of monitoring and surveillance would not be left there for more than three months. There would be four cameras installed at one site. 

He further ensured that the IAEA team would replace the damaged cameras under the technical concerns of agreement. IAEA offered Iran to attend a meeting on nuclear power agreements going to be held this week. 

Finally, IAEA declared that Iran needed to make such an agreement at the JCPOA level. Till then the country must not create gaps in the information regarding the deal. 

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Iran’s Nuclear Development History

After the Iranian revolution, Iran remained involved in development of Nuclear technology. It developed an exclusive nuclear fuel cycle for the country’s nuclear power. 

This included sophisticated enrichment capabilities. As a result these became the subject of intense international negotiations and sanctions. 

Thus, this development became the most critical reason for international negotiations and sanctions. Iran had faced certain international sanctions between 2002 to 2015. 

Formation Of JCPOA

As a result of all the international sanctions. In July 2015 Iran and P5+1 held negotiations yielding the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action JCPOA. This was a 5 year nuclear agreement for limiting Iran’s nuclear capacity in exchange of international sanctions. All the sanctions were lifted in 2016 under the agreement.

However, in May 2018, the US President Donald Trump ceased implementation of JCPOA and re-imposed sanctions on Iran. Iran is still back in compliance with such a deal. 

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