Iraqi Resistance Forces Hit US Bases With Rockets Hours After Airstrikes

Iraqi resistance forces hit American bases with rockets. Just after 24 hours of airstrikes. US president Joe Biden ordered airstrikes on targets. Targets were so-called Iran-backed. These events have happened on the Iraq and Syrian common borders.

Reuters Reports about Iraqi Resistance Forces

Reuters reported that a rocket incident happened at eastern Syrian province deir ez-zor on Monday. Main target of the rocket attack was Syria’s Omar oilfield. US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) militant group control said field.

US Spokesman

Coly. Wayne Morrotto, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, said that at 7:44 pm standard time we were attacked by multiple rockets Iraqi resistance forces. Still, there was no serious damage.

News of CNN

CNN also reported that some missiles just were near to hit US forces in Monday’s incident.

What Happened Earlier To Rockets Attack by Iraqi resistance forces

Prior to that incident that was an airstrike of US warplanes. Targets were locations of Arab country’s borders. The Pentagon alleged these locations as hideouts of resistance militias. The Pentagon also alleged that those groups were planning drone assaults.

Reason For The Rockets Attack by Iraqi Resistance Forces

Rocket attacks on US troops looked like revenge. Revenge of four soldiers that were martyred in airstrikes. Iraqi PM Mustafa Al Khadimi also called airstrikes the sovereignty violence of the country.

Syrian Arab News Agency

(SANA) Syrian Arab News Agency reporter quoted that one child was killed and three were wounded in US strikes.

What are US Forces Doing In Region?

US forces in the region are symbols of brutal attacks on several peaceful areas. Likewise some militias are resisting them. Tug war is routine there. 

Some experts are of view that US forces are targeting factions that are fighting against DAESH. DAESH terror groups are the main reason for the US presence in the region.

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