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Is Russia Preparing to Attack Ukraine

Russian troop developments close to Ukraine have drawn worry from Kyiv and the US. They think that it very well may be thinking about attacking its neighbour – Ukraine. A possible Russian invasion!

US consider sending extra weaponry to Ukraine amid Russian invasion concerns

Different sources acquainted with the consultations tell CNN; the Biden organisation is thinking to send military counsels. That includes new gear, including weaponry, to Ukraine as Russia develops an army close to the borders. US authorities are preparing partners for the chance of another Russian attack.

The sources said; US authorities have been conducting conversations with European partners. Mainly about assembling another sanctions bundle that would come full circle if Russia attacked Ukraine.

Russia sounds alarm over US push

Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov’s remarks on Monday came amid crucial weeks of escalating pressures among Russia and Ukraine, with the two sides blaming each other for preparing military units along their common demarcation line.

The Kremlin has said it frightened by a Western push to supply Ukraine with super advanced weapons that it claims getting utilised by Kyiv to incite Moscow.

He said, referring to the US headed overseas security coalition, “The quantity of incitements is developing and growing significantly. Additionally, these incitements are progressing with weapons being provided by NATO nations. Also, we are noticing this with great caution.”

Russia invasion of Ukraine might happen by late January: Ukraine defense intelligence agency

The defence head of Ukraine intelligence agency told Military Times; Russia has more than 92,000 soldiers amassed around Ukraine’s lines and is planning for an attack before the end of January of February.

Ukraine Brig. Gen. Kyrylo Budanov told in an exclusive interview; Such an attack would probably include; airstrikes, big guns, and weapons followed via airborne attacks in the east. Land and water attacks in Odesa and Mariupol and a smaller invasion through adjoining Belarus.

Budanov said Russia is attempting to ignite anti-government feeling over an incidence named “Wagnergate” — a contention including around 30 individuals from the Russian private military group liable for attacks inside Ukraine. The Wagner group, who advanced toward Belarus, ought to be taken back to Ukraine as detainees. However, rather ended up being shipped off Russia with the assistance of the Belarus KGB.

A Russian invasion of Ukraine is a very real possibility : Experts warn

Expert Russia watchers have said that concerns regarding Russian military exercises are justified, with proof indicating that Russia is building a power that could attack Ukraine if vital. These improvements come as Russian leaders express dissatisfaction with Ukraine’s tilting towards Western leanings and political deterrents in Ukraine, negating Russian interests.

Michael Kofman, the Research Program Director in the Russia Studies Program at CNA, said; A ton of the soldiers are moving around at night time in an attempt to remain unnoticed. The way that it’s being done, how intentionally it’s being done, the size of the army, the measure of time it’s been there, and the way of speaking of the Russians, I think this is, in reality, intense.

Jeffrey Edmonds, a former CIA military analyst and Russia expert said; I would not downplay this. The troop development is really huge.

US authorities have said that they don’t know whether Putin wants to launch a bigger intrusion of Ukraine yet that the nation has been deliberately moving the required components for a hostile activity toward Russia’s western boundaries since a huge development in April.

Since 2014, Russia has sent men, cash and weapons to battle in Ukraine, annexing the Crimean peninsula and starting a conflict in the Donbas area that has left more than14,000 dead.

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