Island Dispute between China-Japan Continues

Island Dispute between Japan and China has been going on since 1971.

The island dispute of Senkaku also known as Diaoyu Island ownership is the reason for the fight between both countries.

According to the reports, Japan is drawing a red line on the Island also claimed by the neighboring country China.

Japanese Defense Ministery over Island Dispute

Japan is forcing back at Beijing’s progressively aggressive military posing. They are situating a stage for a probable showdown between the district’s two dominating powers.

Nobuo Kishi, Japanese Defence Minister said in an exclusive interview that the Senkaku Islands are undoubtedly Japan’s territory and will defend it fully, match up with Tokyo any threat of China to the Islands ship for ship, and far off if necessary.


Since Japan is expanding its self-defense forces by adding their F-35 state-of-art fighter jets. Also, converting warships into Aircraft porters for them.

They are also developing the latest destroyers, missiles, and submarines. Even after all this, the military expenditure still fades in comparison to China’s expanded military spending.

Kishi said, “Against the actions of China regarding Senkaku Islands and other areas of East China Sea, we are demonstrating that the Japanese government is constantly our territory with large numbers of Japanese coast guard vessels than China.”

He added, “There’s no territorial dispute between Japan and other countries over Senkaku Islands.”

Island Dispute Provoked Nationalist Sentiments in the Past

Tensions over years for the 12,000 miles on the uninhabited rocky chain southwest of Tokyo. Only simmered for a third distance from Shanghai, and the claims date back centuries.

In 2012, when the tensions spiked over Shenkaku, it provoked a spurt of nationalist sentiments in China.

Public protest erupted in a lot of Chinese cities, with the smashing of Japanese branded vehicles. Destroying of the Japanese restaurants and stores and refusing dashed Embassy in Beijing.

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The Chinese Forces

China has been just as harsh as Kishi, on the government level in claiming the Islands.

Last Year, China’s Foreign Minister said in a statement, “The Diaoyu Islands and its related Islands are an inherent area of China’s property. Also, it’s our inherent right to conduct patrols and law enforcement actions in these waters.”

China is backing its claims in the district with its ships, and by developing new laws that provide expanded powers to its coast guard.

China’s coast guard vessels have progressed into Japan’s territorial waters, according to the Japanese authorities. It can also be within 12-nautical miles of Japan’s land, between 1st January to the end of August, a total of 88 times.

According to experts, China’s strategy is to fit the forces in places in and around disputed areas. Also, by exerting Beijing’s law and authority over them. These actions make Chinese claims sound like the ultimate course.

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Japan is in Defensive Mode

Alessio Patalano, Professor of war and strategy at King’s College London said, “By exercising coastal state rights it’s a crucial step in endorsing sovereignty through trials.”

Kishi is taking notice as he said, “There are actions that will continue to challenge the integral area of Japan’s supreme region.”

This ‘integral’ part of Japan’s territory expands even nearer to another probable critical mass in the Japan-China relationship.

Without naming any areas that those longer span systems might attack, it’s crucial to defend, according to the Japanese Defense Minister. Japan’s military should have all the right equipment to fight any threat.

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