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Italy’s Famous Opera Seeks Recognition For UNESCO Heritage 


Italy’s famous Opera seeks Recognition for UNESCO heritage. Now it comes under the prestigious list of intangible global heritage. 

Also the country’s cultural authorities seek to get the Opera to be the most authentic and original cultural expression. Opera in Italy has the candidacy of the art of opera singing over that of beloved ‘caffe’. 

Italy’s Famous Opera To Seek UNESCO heritage status 

Italy’s Opera has been among the most performing and most famous around the world. Its standard further increased after seeking UNESCO Heritage recognition.   

However, it has faced a tough choice between two pillars of Italian culture. The Italian National Committee for UNESCO has made its candidacy for the art of opera singing over Italy’s Caffe. While it has to put forward towards the cultural Heritage of the World.

About Opera , The Arts And Cultural Heritage 

Opera art in Italy has always remained a main part of its culture too. It was the time of the 17th Century in Florence when Opera singing came into performance. 

Then, it became immediately famous around the whole Italian peninsula. It flourished in the 18th Century around Naples and the pulsing heart of Italian Opera. 

Italy’s famous Opera

Afterwards, in the 19th century, it became famous in Naples, Rome and Venice. Interestingly, today there are over 30,000 people working in the Opera sector in Italy. 

Those include singers, researchers, teachers, historians, composers and directors. Now, the country holds a world record for opera houses boasting 60 on its territory. 

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Traditions In Opera

There are also other great traditions of Opera in Europe. Those include the French and the German but there’s no any quite like the Italian Opera. Stephane Lissner, the French director of the San Carlo theater in Naples claimed that Opera has been the oldest cultural house in the world. 

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