Japan successfully hosted the Olympic Games despite the pandemic

Olympic Games are the talk of the world since it’s started. On Monday, Seiko Hashimoto, who is the president of the Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee said that she is so proud of Japan for hosting these sports events. Since 2019, COVID-19 has produced a lot of challenges around the world.

On September 6th, Seiko Hashimoto, speaks at the post-press conference of Paralympics, she said that the organizers detain the Tokyo Olympic Games after a year of postponing. There’s a strong emphasis on the safety of players and the Japanese public.

The exact words of Hashimoto are ” I’m proud of (Japan) having hosted the Olympics and Paralympics, the first global events in the world since the pandemic, and pass the baton to Paris.” She mentioned Paris as a reference for the next venue of the Summer Games 2024.

Answering the question regarding the Games being successful or not, She stated, ” As we were not able to host the Tokyo Games in a complete form, I cannot say that they were a 100% success”.

She added,” I think history will determine whether they are a success or not”

Olympic Games Under Protective Measures

The Paralympic and the Olympic Games starred 15,000 participants from around the globe to prevent the infectious virus. All the participants were stages under extraordinary safety measures.

The authorities held a large amount of competition without the presence of spectators on the ground. The selection of venues was in Tokyo and several other areas. The authorities limited the participants from athlete’s villages and other sporting grounds. The authorities required the foreign players to leave Japan as soon as their last game.

Olympic Games are not Responsible

Since the beginning of the Olympics, the COVID-19 cases have increased in Tokyo. Other areas of Japan also hit the record of multiple cases of infection. Everyone is concerned that gaming events can be the reason for increasing cases because the public underestimated the severity.

Katsunobu Kato, the Chief Secretary told the separate press conference that, Japan is successful in hosting gaming events with all safety.

He stated, “Due to the efforts of many people, including games’ officials, volunteers, and medical workers, we were able to close a safe and secure Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics”

Kato is also emphasizing that games-related is not the reason for even a single case of COVID-19 cases.

The Financial Loss

Also, the CEO of the organizing committee, Toshiro Muto, said that the committee is most likely to discuss with the Japanese government and Tokyo metropolitan government. They will discuss the solution of recovery from the loss of cancellation tickets.

Earlier, the estimated budget was set up to 90 million Yen (819,302$) from ticket sales. It is before the organizers decided to not include the spectators on the ground.

Muto stated that “The basic policy is for the host city to shoulder, the losses”. He added, “But the most specific decision will be made after talks”. He means that they will involve third parties for the perfect solution.

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After the ending of the Tokyo Games, Japan is aiming to host the second Winter Olympics 2030. The northern city, Sapporo will more likely to host the event if it gets qualified for the hosting event. Hashimoto expresses that she would love to be the head of the organizing committee if it gets the hosting rights.

The World is Appreciating

Regardless of whichever country won the medals in the Olympics, these two gaming events managed to cheer up the world by overcoming an obstacle like COVID. It is the first time an international tournament has got success. It’s a needed win for the whole world as the world seems to stops since 2019. It inspired a lot of athletes, spectators, and viewers.

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