Japan to debut vaccine passports this summer

Japan has announced that the country will start accepting vaccine passports applications from July 26 onwards. According to the top government official, these vaccine passports are prepared for Japanese travelers who got fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The vaccination certificates issued by the municipal districts will be considered as official documents. It will show information about the administered dose, the vaccination date, location, and personal information such as name and passport number.

Japan is waiting to get its vaccination passports accepted by countries such as Greece, Italy, and France, and others.

Upon reaching negotiations, certificate holders will be freed from quarantine. Showing negative PCR Covid test results when traveling from Japan to vaccination-passports accepting countries.

But, the Japanese government will still continue requiring travelers entering Japan to quarantine for two weeks even if they have been vaccinated.

The rigid stance of the Japanese government has intricated negotiations with countries. Countries such as Singapore and Israel, which have called for mutual conditions.

Vaccine passports issued by other countries:

Given the present COVID-19 time, most of the countries in the world are preparing to launch their own digital passports, to kickstart travel and tourism.

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The European Union has its own digital vaccination passport for EU citizens and residents. Certificate holders exempted from testing and quarantine when traveling to a different country within the alliance.

Similarly, America too is thinking to come up with such special documentation for vaccinated Americans who wish to travel abroad.

The Japanese government is stepping up its vaccination rollout, which has been slow as compared to other countries. The vaccination drive began in February with health care workers and citizens aged 65 or older. Although, vaccinations of people under 65 have recently started in some districts and towns.

Meanwhile, Yoshihide Suga’s government has ramped up actions to increase vaccination in the country due to the upcoming Olympic games.

Japan administered more than a million daily shots in June but only about 12% of Japan’s population registers fully vaccinated.

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