Just one jab is needed for previously infected Covid patients

France’s health minister has revised the vaccine policy for people who have had recouped from Covid he confirmed that vaccine centers will be provided with antibody tests to assess everybody before they are vaccinated. According to the Prime Minister of France, just one jab of vaccine is needed for previously infected covid patients.

Right now, the globally registered vaccine includes Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca, and Pfizer-BioNTech, which are all administered in two doses a few weeks apart.

The advisory says that people who have acquired natural immunity after having recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection, be it symptomatic or asymptomatic, should be deemed immune from a repeat infection for at least three months.

For such people, the advisory says that the vaccination should be carried out after an initial period of three months after recovery, but preferably within six months of having recovered.

Additionally, such people will merely be administered one dose of the vaccine. The perception behind this move is that previously infected Covid patients who have already recovered from the disease have developed immunity. Therefore, based on the current proficiency in post-infection immunity from COVID-19, such people need only a booster shot.

However, vaccine centres in France will be provided with finger-prick antibody tests which can detect whether a person has ever had Covid. These will be offered to all so that people who have had asymptomatic Covid can be specified and will only need a single injection.

People who only need one dose of the vaccine are given a vaccination card marked with a second dose so that they appear as ‘fully vaccinated’ on France’s health passport, which from next week can be used to enter concerts and sports matches as well as any types of international travelling.

Dominique Le Guludec, president of the French medical regulator told RMC radio: “We propose, at the time of the first dose, the finger-prick test to see if you have antibodies to conclude the necessity of a second dose.”

Source: BBC

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