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Karim Benzema goes on trial in sex tape blackmailing case

A trial of the French international footballer Karim Benzema is in process. The player is blamed for inclusion in an alleged attempt to blackmail an ex colleague with a sex tape.

The three-day trial starting from Wednesday will focus on Benzema’s role play in an alleged plot. The plan made by four different men to coerce cash from Valbuena. It started when the Valbuena gave his cell phone to Axel Angot, a man associated with footballing circles in France, and requested that he move its content to another phone.

The sex tape affair involving Benzema

Benzema, 33, stands accused of aiding a group of alleged blackmailers. The group approached Valbuena trying to coerce cash in 2015 by threatening to publish a sexually explicit film found on the victim’s smartphone.

The trial will analyze the role that Benzema played in the issue. It started when Valbuena entrusted his cell phone to Axel Angot – a man associated with footballing circles in Marseille – with the solicitation to move its content to another device.

While doing this, Angot found the footage on the phone involving Valbuena. He continued to explore ways to blackmail Valbuena with threats to publish the tape. He also approached one of Benzema’s childhood companions, Karim Zenati, who prosecutors said enrolled Benzema’s assistance to engage Valbuena.

Benzema confronted Valbuena

In October 2015, while the French team was assembled at its national training centre at Clairefontaine, at the west of Paris. Benzema went to see Valbuena in his room to let his colleague know that he could introduce him to a trustable individual to help him deal with the possible publication of a compromising video.

“Be cautious, these are extremely, big criminals,” Benzema is accounted for to have told Valbuena, in what he later assured was only an attempt to help his teammate. However, Benzema then reached his companion Zenati and told him in a call wiretapped by police; “He’s not seriously treating us.”

Prosecutors said that the utilization of “us” demonstrates that Benzema considered himself to be an essential part of the blackmail plan. Whereas Valbuena said later that the discussion left him with the inclination that he was “being stabbed in the back”

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Benzema’s stance

Prosecutors claim that Benzema was enrolled by the alleged blackmailers to persuade his colleague to pay. Benzema said; he went out of concern to help his companion out of a tough spot by telling him of the presence of the tape and cautioning him.

Benzema, who is blamed for complicity in alleged blackmailing, has denied any wrongdoings. His legal counsellor Labellee the case against the footballer as “absurd”. The player has contended that the undercover cop utilized deceptive strategies to bring him into the issue.

Benzema may not attend the first day of the trial as he made a trip to Ukraine where he played in his club’s Champions League group stage match against Shakhtar Donetsk.

The case cost both Benzema and 37-year-old Valbuena their spot in the French national team. Even though Benzema was recalled to the team during this year’s European title. If convicted, the Real Madrid player can face five years in prison and a 75,000 euro ($87,240.00)


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