Kidnappers demand food for scores of school hostages in Nigeria

A group of kidnappers has abducted a boarding school in Nigeria. And now the kidnappers are demanding food for 100 starving students from their parents.

Heavily armed gangs, known locally as bandits, have increasingly started targetting schools and colleges. Earlier, they only do looting, stealing cattle, and abducting for ransom. But now, they have begun expanding their legs.
According to the Baptist, 125 students are missing, while 28 students had reunited with their families early this week, after the overnight raid on the Bethel Baptist High School.

Since December in northwest Nigeria, it is the 10t mass school kidnapping.

According to abductors, the ransom demand should be followed if they want their kids to be safe. The kidnappers promise the safety of kids if parents continue the proper supply.

According to Jangado, the rescue operations are going, and they firmly believe that all the students will return safely to their parents.

School authorities are meeting with the security agents to determine the next move.
Till now, they were only able to make four contacts, two on Monday and two on Tuesday.
And the Baptist cleric also confirms the demand for food.

The Nigerian authorities warn that the increase in school kidnappings affects the education of thousands of children in Nigeria.

Even when the schools were open, many parents were are full of the thrill of sending their kids. And according to UNICEF, around 300,000-400,000 students in the region lack behind in education.

Ransom kidnappings are also rising outside schools.
President gave the orders to the military, police, and intelligence agencies to ensure safe and early releases.

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