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Kuaizhou-1A Returned To Flight With A Test Satellite Launch

Kuaizhou-1A returned to flight with a test satellite launch. Rise of the Kuaizhou-1A solid rocket from TEL at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on June 22 (UTC), 2022.

The HELSINKI-A Kuaizhou-1A rocket launched the Tianxing-1 satellite into orbit on Tuesday. Accordingly, it is  marking a return to flight six months after a fixed-light launch system failed.

Kuaizhou-1A Returned To Flight

Kuaizhou-1A took off at 10:08 from the launcher for transport settings. However, Little is known about the Tianxing-1 charge. Now, according to the Chinese Space Agency, the satellite is to be used for experiments, including “space environment detection”.

However, similar plans to launch 12 Xingyun satellites in 2021 were in 2020. Afterwards, KZ-1A  encountered the first error in September 2020. And, Tuesday’s mission was China’s 20th launch in 2022.

Accordingly, CASC focused on more than 50 missions, including the completion of the country’s low-altitude space station.

About Kuaizhou-1A Space Flight

Kuaizhou-1A consists of three solid phases and a liquid propellant in the upper phase. Accordingly, it is capable of carrying 200 kilograms of cargo on 700 kilometers of solar synchronous orbit (SSO).

Now, the rocket flew 15 times. However, the previous Kuaizhou-1A flight ended in a second missile crash in December 2021. The first launch took place in January 2017.

Also, the Expace has powered the launch and has attracted many Chinese commercial customers. And, those include remote sensing constellation operator Changguang Satellite Technology.

And, the parent company of Expace is the giant state missile and defense supplier China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC).

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