Lancet Reveals Global Population Shrinking By 2100

Lancet, a well-known research journal, has recently published a paper about the population of the world in 2100. Its findings are shocking. The research paper reveals that the world’s population will reach its peak by 2050. After that, it will reduce. And the downward trend will advance. It has forecasted major global shifts in population and economic power. 

Predictions About US Population

Predictions about US population shifts are worth noting. Reports claim that the US will have its highest population of around 364 million in 2062. But before 2100 its population will go down to 336 million a 10% reduction overall. And it would be the world’s fourth most populous country. 

Forecasted Fertility Rate Of USA

A 2.1% fertility rate is an internationally approved rate for maintaining balance in any country’s population. Currently, the US fertility rate is 1.8%. which will be declined to 1.5% in 2100. This means the USA may need more liberal immigration policies to counter alarming situations. Immigrants bring their own social and political problems with them. 

Estimated Working-age Population Of USA

Lancet also points to the working-age population of the USA in 2100. The US is going to rank fourth in having a working-age population in 2100. After India, Nigeria, and China, the US will have 181 million working men in 2100. 

Liberal Immigration Policies Are Inevitable For US To Sustain In Future

Experts are warning that the US direly needs liberal immigration policies to maintain their needs. Immigrants have a vital role in the services and commerce sector of the country. Trump gained around 70 million popular votes in the last presidential elections. Local natives of the USA are very much attracted to the USA first slogan. Internal politics is giving tough times for policymakers to restrict immigrants policies. 

Life Expectancy Figures Of USA

The research paper gives estimated figures of life expectancy in the USA. Currently, the average person in the USA lives 78.4 years. This number will increase in 2100 to 82.3 years. 

Economic Predictions For USA

The Lancet paper also put light on economic predictions. Today the USA is the biggest economy in the world. But that will not be the case in 2035. China is forecasted to grab that rank at that time. The research paper gives hope that if the USA succeeded in endorsing liberal immigration policies, it can have back its biggest economic status in 2098. 

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