Line of Actual Control: China Is Salami Slicing LAC

Line of actual control is a strategic area between the two rival superpower of Asia India and China. But since the British period China does not considered LAC as their border.

China’s Strategy For Central Asia And India

There are deep impacts of recent Sino-Indian military dialogues failures. We will discuss here today how China is Salami slicing LAC. LAC aka line of actual control was the so-called border line between India and China. But first have a look at China’s strategy for world heartland Central Asia. 

Hence China-Russia military drills started from 9th of August. And are still ongoing at the time of writing this article. Focus for these military exercises is Central Asia. Russia is providing security to the region being the leader of CSTO. While China is investing in development Projects through BRI in the region. 

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Military Dialogue Failed

Interestingly China looks in an aggressive mood with India. There were 12 rounds of dialogues between both countries’ top military officials. But nothing is coming from all these dialogues. And many analysts attribute the dialogue process as a massive failure of Indian policy. 

Therefore it is officially printed in different newspapers. That India has failed to gain anything from these military dialogues. NDTV is reporting that both countries have set up a hotline on the Sikkim border. Financial Times is reporting the 12th round of Sino-Indian dialogues at Moldo garrison. China is in no hurry to resolve the issues. 

Impacts Of Indian Strategy

Drastically the Indian Modi Govt is and was continuously denying the tense situation with China. Even after they lost their big junk of land. And It looks like Indian top leadership is deceiving it’s people on the issues with China. There is no room for lies in the border domain. Time is exposing situations.

So Depsang plains and Daulat Beg Oldi Road is India’s strategic location. Indians did nothing for that strategic location in these dialogue rounds. There is deep silence from Indian sides on Gogra Posts, Galwan Valley, Hot Springs. 

Whereas China is also claiming that Indians are not present on the North bank of Pangong tso finger 4. And similarly they are nowhere near to those heights which they had captured last year in August. 

After all what is the outcome of 12 rounds of dialogues? Establishment of Hotmail in the Sikkim sector. Where has Ladakh gone? Is the Sikkim sector near Ladakh? 

line of actual control: what is Mao’s Claim

Chairman Mao always claimed his hand’s palm as Tibet, five fingers as Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. Means China wants to recapture all these desired lands. And they are heading to this target gradually.

Did India leave Ladakh? Did the Indian Army surrender it totally? Now they are informing about the Sikkim sector Hotmail. And what decided on Ladakh, Depsang plains, Hotsprings, Gogra post and Pangong tso? If the Indian army is totally surrendering on all these territories and informing about the Sikkim sector Hotmail then it is really disgusting and unbelievable for people of India. 

Suggestion Of Retired Indian Army Officer on LAC

Retired Indian army officer is demanding a dialogue between both countries’ political brass in the Quint Daily. He is just raising the simple issue that there is total dependence on military dialogues. Why isn’t political leadership taking charge on the dialogue front? How is it possible for the Chinese PLA to differ with their political leaders’ decisions? 

So what PLA is doing means salami slicing of LAC is all due to their strong political backing. Indian policy and decision makers must recognize that fact and try to initiate political dialogue. And stop relying merely on the army dialogues process. 

What we can see is that India is making buffer zones in their own claimed lands. And China is advancing and capturing more Indian claimed lands. And they really don’t believe in LAC as international borders. For them it’s an imaginary line drawn by Britishers. So China is salami slicing the LAC. And India looks like it has nothing to do with it. 

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