Long running controversy comes to end!

The controversy surrounding Princess Diana’s famous interview came to an end last Thursday. The British royal family has been rocked since Princess Diana’s outspoken remarks in a 1995 interview with the BBC.  Mr. Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, blamed the BBC and Martin Bashir for the dishonest interviews last year.

About 25 years ago, the BBC published an interview with Princess Diana. The interview was watched by around 23 million people at the time.  But the storm of criticism erupted shortly after the interview was published. Princess Diana’s brother claimed that Martin Bashir had tried to gain their trust by showing the wrong documents. The incident has raised questions about the BBC’s long history of action. Many feel that the BBC’s honesty, ethics and transparency have been undermined. The BBC regretted the verdict last Thursday, saying it was “back to normal” never possible. However, Martin Bashir admits to showing his wrong documents

He apologized, but said that Princess Diana was personally able to be interviewed. To that end, he presented Princess Diana with a handwritten document that revealed the truth of the incident. After the verdict was announced, Bashir retired from the BBC due to his physical illness.

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