LUKAS NMECHA steals the show, gives Germany the second Euro U21 title

Manchester City’s Lukas Nmecha scored a brilliant goal that Baku long drove from a considerable distance. Due to the grand plan of Stefan Kuntz, Germany won a second time in three tournaments of the Euro U21 cup.

Portugal enjoyed their supremacy in the first half as the early exchanges, Tiago Tomas and Diago Dalot, both missing opportunities before Forian Wirtz’s likely lead-making attack for Germany.

Germany’s fortune shined in the second half as the master plan of  Stefan Kurtz was brought to action. Costa was tested repeatedly with long-range piledrivers straight into the box. Costa tried every single effort to defend, but unfortunately, Baku’s long ranger effortlessly taken by Nmecha made the day for Germany.

Wolves loanee Vitinha of Portugal almost tried for a counter before the break but could not get his shot on the spot.

Portugal’s fight for the equalizer was appreciable. They maxed out their abilities to come back in the game. Their only target was to put the ball into the suitable space and beat the German goalkeeper Finn Dahmen. But the remarkable effort of Dahmen to defend brought success to Germany.

Germany was still hoping for a second goal lead as the freshly substituted Karim Adeyemi analyzed a space and fired for a second one. Still, Costa was focused and quickly denied their attack. Nmecha again got a chance and hoped to get one better than the final score in the finals of 2019. But the same happened for him, and the final tally score only reached 1-0.

Finally, the whistle blew, and it was a moment of joy for Germans who fought throughout the tournament to achieve their second in the three tournaments. Although Portugal fans were disappointed at their loss. Germany will lookout for more such wins in the future, and Portugal might change its lineup.

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