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Macron To Meet His Political Opponents To Form A Working Government

French President Emmanuel Macron met his political opponents on Tuesday to form a working government. He will try to reach an agreement to form a working government. 

Accordingly, Macron may need the support of one or more small parties. In order to push through its major reforms in the National Assembly. As he lost its general majority in Sunday’s second round of legislative voting.

Macron To Meet His Political Opponents 

Macron’s six political opponents arrived at the Elysee Palace in a row on Tuesday, including far-right chief Marine Le Pen. And, many talks will take place on Wednesday.

However, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of the next largest bloc in the National Assembly, the far left, the Socialist and Green Pairs, will not represent him. 

Also, he rejected the idea of ​​meeting with Macron to support his government, but asked “for what purpose?” 

Now, several political party leaders have already demanded the release of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Political Opposition Of Macron

Macron’s camp may have to fight for government in a parliamentary minority. Also, he may work with the prime minister and a government from another camp.

Accordingly, they are now confronted with the reality of the National Assembly with two opposing opposition groups. And, they are seeking to push through fundamental reforms. Those including pensions, tax cuts and raising the retirement age – that anything is almost impossible without a coalition partner.

On the other hand, the non-green NUPES bloc is likely to oppose Macron’s reforms. Accordingly, they have a platform for a real reduction in the retirement age from 62 to 60 and a wealth tax refund for individuals and companies. 

And, Bloc chairman Jean-Luc Mélenchon will probably have to give up his ambition to become prime minister. Mélenchon promised to continue the bloc, calling it “an uprising that now has a face.” 

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