Madagascar: UN official reports on climate change and hunger

A UN Senior Official has reported that People of Madagascar are suffering from the continuous drought. The people of one of Madagascar’s communities have recently planted vegetation to overcome the problem of climate change. 

There is a continuous drought in the south region of Madagascar, known as Grand Sud Maroalomanity. They are trying to mitigate the effects of climate change. For this purpose they decided to plant the vegetation. 

They are suffering from the worst drought in more than 40 years. There are almost 3 million people who are suffering from hunger. Most of the population is facing severe famine. 

Analysis of UN Official in Madagascar

The UN Senior Official who is also the Resident of Madagascar named Issa Sanogo visited the area recently and made an analysis on the climatic effects in the region. 

He reported to the UN about the effects of Climate in Madagascar and how it is creating lives to be increasingly difficult. On the other hand he represents the UN’s efforts in helping the people who are in need. 

He visited many places in Madagascar and analysed different situations. According to the analysis, the people of Betroka are facing the issues of food insecurity. 

Then he went to Amboasary and Ambovombe. These areas are in arid lands. There were the problems of crop failures. The people are suffering from extreme droughts. He analysed that about 75 percent of the population is facing severe hunger and famine. 

He said that there are extreme sandstorms in the Southern Madagascar for that reason they cannot produce any crops. Most of the women and children are affected by nutritional deficiencies. 

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UN Support to Madagascar 

The UN officials are employed there for required help to the people of Madagascar. Food distribution, donations, funds, and nutritional aids are started to be provided on an immediate basis. 

The UN has started different projects in order to overcome the critical issues. These include sanitation facilities, agricultural projects and also the health care facilities are planned to be made. 

They made various nutritional packages to the children under the aid of UNICEF and WFP ( World Food Program). Moreover the people also provided with the consultation of prenatal and obstetric with the aid of (UNFPA).

The people have planted some four hectares of sisal with the aid of UNDP. Sisal would work against the effects of sandstorm. The other farms are then protected against the sandstorms. 

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Support From WHO and FAO

Most of the people of Madagascar are indebted and trapped in different financial crises. They are not even able to meet their own needs. In this worst situation WHO and FAO the Food and Agricultural Organisation are developing further health care initiatives which can be helpful in improving their financial crises. 

Effects of Extreme Drought in Madagascar

According to the Hunger Hotspots report for 2021, WFP stated that there is acute food insecurity in Southern Madagascar. More than 28000 people require urgent help to overcome the issue of starvation which leads to death. 

Dr Ricardo Fernandaz the head of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported to ARD that the malnutrition is going to be worse and the major reason for malnutrition is unemployment. He further said people have nothing to eat, they don’t do any work and no source of income is expected. 

Most of the women and children are affected by the drought. They are gradually dying from severe starvation. There are no facilities available for clean water. 

Moreover the roads and ways are further in rough conditions. The people in remote areas are in the worst condition and the saddest thing is they are far away from the helping hands, not even under any consideration. 

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