Madhumati river of Bangladesh

Rivers have always been important for the masses to live and survive. Bangladesh is famous for its biodiversity and rivers. Among them, is the famous Madhumati River.

This river has significant importance. This river is 200 kilometers long. It originates from the river Ganges. And it is a source of livelihood for millions of people on the coast.

Rising Salinity Main Issue Of River Madhumati

But salt levels have been rising in recent years. Experts are of the view that it is because the sea level has increased. And seawater is coming back to the river. They are also of the view that a dam on the river Ganges has also infected it.

Conditions Of Farmers

Miseries of farmers are really hard to describe. Their lives have become horrible there. They are losing their crops. They are not able to grow more crops. Skin issues are so much there. They can neither bathe in river water nor cook. And their total reliance for daily needs is on freshwater. 

Salinity Stats of Madhumati

This year salt levels were 2100 ppm in the Madhumati River. This figure is the highest in decades. The human body can hardly survive at 600 ppm.

Environmentalists Views

Environmental experts are worrying more. They say that in long summer spans salt levels rise in the south and southwest rivers and canals. The health and agriculture sectors are more affected in these regions.

Bangladesh is severely affected by climate change. A lot of people are related to the agriculture sector. Mainly, the country is important for rice crops. This year there have been huge losses to the rice crops due to heatwaves as well. 

Environmentalists are alarming if such situations continue. This means if there is a rapid rise in salinity. It would become harsher for local growers to support their families without fresh water.

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