Mannequin heads to be ban in Nigeria’s Kano state

 It has been ordered in the shops in Kano, the Muslim majority state in Nigeria, to only keep and use a headless mannequin for advertising clothing.

According to Haruna Ibn-Sina, the Sharia police commander, also known as the hisbah, Islam is all over the idolatry. And the head over it makes it look like a human being. 

And the reason behind the headless mannequin is that Mr. Ibn-Sina wants to show the shape of the bottom, the shape of the breast, which is, according to him is contrary to the teachings of Islamic law, Sharia.

This legal system is just only for Muslims. Kano is one of the Muslim majority north from the 12 states that practice Islamic law. 

But in reality, the non-Muslims are under peer pressure to follow the hisbah’s rulings. And this also includes the full-bodied mannequin ban. 

And due to this problem, many people have already called and messaged that they disagree with Moses Ajebo. Moses Ajebo hosts a radio talk show in Kano city, the most famous talk show in Nigeria. 

Haruna Sina and entourage

In the area with most Christians in Kano state, Sabon Gari also faces the same peer pressure and is not pleased with hisbah’s order. 

Many shop owners say that showing mannequin without heads reduces the attractiveness to passers-by, affecting their businesses very severely. 

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Mohawk hairstyle shaved

Mr. Ibn-Sina and his team consists of thousands of members, including both men and women, have not confined themselves to go shop-to-shop to enforce the ban. 

But the clash with secularism and modernity are the concerns of the hisbah’s pronouncements. 

Last week Mr. Ibn-Sina saw the bridal shower of Zahrah Bayero, the fiancee of the president’s son. He criticized her photos by saying that she’s not a good example to other Muslims, as her shoulder are exposed.

Last year the officers of Mr. Ibn-Sina shaved off the heads of young men in the pavements of Kano city, who have the Mohawk hairstyles. In addition, he asked everybody to wear low-hung trousers.

He also barred everybody from using the term “Black Friday” for their advertising sales as, according to him, it was the holy day for Islam. 

Residents also got a warning for dancing in South Africa as they fall theatrically on the ground. And the video of that has got viral on social media. 

The mannequin controversy

According to younger Muslims in Kano, it is wrong to interpret some of the teachings of Islam, such as mannequins. And that’s why many Muslims in Kano are backing off from the orders of hisbah.

Whereas many Muslim clerics support this, according to them, the hisbah’s position on mannequins is correct.

There have already been many attempts in other countries to forbid the use of mannequins. Whereas in Nigeria, the Kano is the first to announce. 

Headscarves are displayed on mannequins at the Islamic fashion exhibit in central Tehran on December 18, 2014.

In 2009, the Iranian police warned the shopkeeper not to show the female mannequin with bodily curves or without hijab. 

In 2010, Palestinian Islamist group Hamas passed the order to remove the images of models in undergarments from clothing shops in the Gaza Strip.

Abducted Liquor

Eleven years ago, almost more than 100 people had lost their lives during riots to protest against the decision of the Kano state.

Hisbah officers destroying alcohol

Recently, hisbah has raided a bar accusing the owners of “corrupt acts.” Many trucks carrying alcoholic beverages (for non-Muslims) are destroyed. 

The consumption of alcohol is restricted in Islam.

Kano’s hisbah is not different from other Muslim-majority states in Nigeria. All it has is a higher public profile because of Mr. Ibn-Sina.

Many say he’s just the showman who goes around Kano to issue order and craves the limelight.

But as for mannequin with heads, they are be numbered in Kano.

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