Mark Boucher admits South Africa is affected by bio-bubble

The bio-bubble pressure in South Africa is taking its toll on the national team, previously sharing the three-match ODI series with Ireland 1-1.

After Tuesday’s defeat, South Africa bounce back to beat Ireland convincingly on Friday. However, the head coach Mark Boucher already tackled the challenge to keep intensity levels up. And also, the players try to cope with bad news from home.

According to Boucher, the current situation in South Africa is very terrible. 

The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and riots in the cities has worsened Africa’s entire scenario. And looting in the Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal provinces has left more than 200 people dead and caused food and medical shortages. These all are affecting them severely, and they are trying to cope up with this.

South Africa wore black bands on their arms in the third ODI to express solidarity with those affected. 

They expressed their feelings in this way earlier in the week, including on Tuesday, when they lost to Ireland.

According to Boucher, they were immensely down that day, their awareness, their intensity, everything. And after the game, they had a conversation and realized that they couldn’t make any excuses. They are playing for their country, and they have to be up every game.

The coach is trying his best to look down for the reason that why they were flat. And one reason that Boucher explained that it could be that coming off a good win against the West Indian team. Because after the match, the players didn’t get any break. They just packed and flew away from their new games. 

Also, the current condition in Africa is affecting the team members very profoundly. So this is also the reason that why’s there focus is diverting. 

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