Microsoft releases another Windows 11 teaser ahead of the main event

Microsoft is all set to announce the next version of Windows – an event lined up in a few hours from now that will possibly launch Windows 11 to the world. Ahead of the event, the tech giant has dropped a recent teaser on its official Twitter handle.

The 10-second video teaser shows people rocking a blue tint on their faces. However, around the fifth second of the video a reflection of the new Windows wallpaper – the same wallpaper we have seen in the leaked screenshots of Windows 11.

Based on the leaked screenshots we can only predict that the upcoming windows will bring a revamped start menu and a minimalistic user interface. Apart from that, the operating system will also launch colourful icons, widgets and animations.

As more people have moved to a work-from-home schedule, Microsoft may also update the software to make it easier to move to and fro between work and private devices.

Right now, it seems improbable that the next version of Windows will be a small update. Microsoft has officially announced it will end support for Windows 10 in 2025.

We have to wait for Microsoft’s official announcement as far as the pricing of Windows 11 is concerned. There’s a likelihood that Windows 11 would be free of cost upgrade for Windows 10 users, or Microsoft makes it elective for Windows 10 users to promote to the next generation of operating systems.

Microsoft has kind of confirmed the next version of Windows when an undeveloped form of what is presumed to be Windows 11 was leaked online. Even though we are still waiting for Microsoft to announce the next generation of the operating systems.

The Microsoft Windows event is scheduled for today at 11 am Eastern time. The event will be live-streamed on Microsoft’s official website event page.

Source: The Verge

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