Mizoram-Assam Dispute | Police Clash Of State Governments

The latest Mizoram-Assam dispute wouldn’t be the first inter-state dispute in India. There have been many previous incidents. But the level of the dispute now, the way it is playing out publicly, is unbelievable.

The Mizoram police have registered an FIR against the Chief Minister of Assam. How did the situation worsen so much between these two states? That it went so out of control. We will discuss all these matters in today’s article.

Brief Report Of Clash

On 26th July, violent clashes took place on the Mizoram-Assam border. Villages of Assam’s Cachar district and Mizoram’s Kolasib district were the places where the clashes erupted.

In these clashes, cross-firing between the police of both states was involved.it is really unbelievable that police of two states of the same country are firing at each other. And in these clashes, 5 Assam policemen lost their lives. 

Assam Government’s Standpoint

The Assam government states that Mizoram started to construct a road from Vairengte to the Rengti Basti in Assam. Which caused the Inner Line Reserve Forest area to be destroyed. So the Assamese police had gone there to diffuse the situation.

But Mizoram’s police and civilians let the situation escalate. Because of which the situation got out of hand. This is the perspective of the Assam state government.

Mizoram Government’s Standpoint

On the other hand, Mizoram claims that the situation was escalated by the Assam police. Mizoram’s Chief Minister states that

the first round of fire came from the Assam police. And Mizoram’s police were bound to fire in self-defense.

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Troubling Statements Of Politicians

After this incident in Mizoram-Assam, politicians from both sides gave some provoking speeches. For example, an MP from Mizoram said that.

The Assam Police is lucky that all of them weren’t killed.

On the other hand, in Assam’s Cachar district, a BJP MLA said that. If Assam were to continue an economic blockade against Mizoram, then the people of Mizoram would starve to death.

This is hilarious that politicians are intending for starvation deaths of people of the same country. It can only happen in India. 

Economic Blockade Of Mizoram

In an interview with India Today, the Chief Secretary of Mizoram said that the Assam government has already initiated an economic blockade. There are two National Highways that lead to Mizoram through Assam. And in a way, these two highways are the lifelines of Mizoram.

Because a lot of transport and food gets to Mizoram via those roads. Writing a letter to the Union Home Secretary, the Mizoram Chief Secretary said that. The lives of the people of Mizoram are suffering terribly because of this blockade. He also mentioned a similar blockade by Assam last year that lasted 25 days.

However, there is some good news. According to the latest news, Assam is claiming that. They have removed this economic blockade.

BJP Is Ruling On Both States

Ironically, friends, Assam has a BJP government. And in Mizoram, BJP allied NDA is in government. What’s more ironic is perhaps. On the day on which these violent clashes in Mizoram-Assam took place two days before that day, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah had visited the North-East.

He met all the Chief Ministers there. To ask them to resolve all the inter-state disputes among the North-Eastern states

peacefully. And only two days later, these violent clashes erupted.

Police Clash Of State Governments

Actually, friends, this isn’t the first time that border clashes broke out between Assam and Mizoram. In October 2020 too, between the people of Assam’s Cachar district and Mizoram’s Kolasib district,

clashes broke out.

In my opinion, what’s special about these clashes is that they aren’t between civilians. Instead, it was a clash between the police of the state governments.

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