Moscow Fears ISIS khorasan Advancing In Northern Afghanistan

Moscow fears ISIS in Afghanistan. It concerns their presence in northern provinces. DAESH is gradually advancing its strength. Afghanistan looks like it is catching Central Asian countries into their matters. 

Press Conference Of Russian Foreign Minister

On 2nd July Russian foreign minister Sergae Lavrov held a press conference. In which he said that peace talks are not seeming beneficial. Ultimately DAESH is gaining power in the region. The West is miscalculating about the terror pocket. 

Interfax news agency quoted Lavrov’s opinion. Those who are anti peace talks must reconsider their strategy. As it is not looking good for their nation’s fate.

Lavrov also criticized the quick withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan. He is of the view that Afghanistan must have to be stable before all this. 

Reasons For Russian Worries

Central Asian countries are allies of Russia. Hence he was worried about DAESH’s presence on the borders of these countries. 

Moscow Suggested Solution For Afghanistan

Moscow’s suggested idea for Afghanistan is that there must be an interim government. Russia, USA, China, Pakistan should back that setup. 

Washington also proposed the same proposal recently. But Ashraf Ghani rejected that recommendation. He was on a USA trip last month for said cause.

It is hoped that the USA will completely withdraw before 9/11 this year. Locals are happy with that development. But the Taliban are grabbing power with pace. And some Russian officials are worrying that terrorist militias could be more violent in that situation. 

News is coming that afghan army soldiers and militias are trying to enter Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Mainly their motive is to seek refuge there. 

Russian FM’s Clarification

Lavrov clarified that the USA is not seriously considering the threats from DAESH. Their assessments are not updated. In Afghanistan its name is DAESH khorasan. It was assessed a few years ago that there were just 2000 to 4000 combatants in the region.  And the USA had made up its mind that they would be totally wiped out by them. 

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