Moscow Myanmar Ties At All Time Highs

Myanmar is an important country from the Bay of Bengal. The Military Junta is ruling power there nowadays after the coup. The West condemned the coup in strict words. China and Russia attribute the coup as their domestic issue. There are sanctions on the country for buying military equipment. Russia is a major supplier of arms to the country even after the coup.

Western Thoughts On Moscow Myanmar Ties

Western analysts are not happy with the all-time high Moscow Myanmar Ties. They suggest it as move to strengthen the military rule. Also, they say Moscow is stretching its influence taking advantage of situations. Moscow is having military trade benefits by recognizing junta dictatorship. 

Myanmar Leader’s Visit To Moscow

General Min Aung Huling visited Moscow in late June. It was his foreign state visit after the February coup. Meetings with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and other officials were scheduled. Both parties have not reached any deal. But determined to continue mutual cooperation.

Myanmar’s Interests With Moscow

Myanmar sees Moscow as a time-tested ally. As it is ready to provide military aid. The Military Junta is facing escalations in the civil war. They have no choice but to do more contracts with Moscow. Whereas Moscow doesn’t care about western sanctions.  

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Starting Of Heavy Project 

According to the Wall Street Journal in mid-June Russian ambassador to Myanmar and Burmese Industry Minister signed an agreement. Officials are ready to work on a 200,000-ton iron melting and mining plant in the Shan State of Myanmar. The Russian State budget is funding the project.


Russia is continuing its business strategies as they do in normal times with Myanmar. For them, Myanmar is a big country. Moscow cannot ignore the importance of such a big country. They are just dealing with the current ruling party. They feel no problem working with them.

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