Narendra Modi: Will his Presidency help to become permanent member?

Narendra Modi made history by presiding over the UN Security Council for the first time as the Prime Minister of India. The event is not only significant for south Asian politics but also its pave the way to become permanent state for India.

Narendra Modi presided over the virtual session of the UN Security Council on Monday, August 9. The focus of the discussion was on international issues such as coastal security, peacekeeping and counter-terrorism.

Narendra Modi and the presidency of the Security Council

India has taken over the presidency of the UN Security Council as a temporary member state elected for 2021-22. The country will chair the Security Council throughout August this year.

Although India has taken over the presidency of the Horse Shoe Table for the eighth time, this year’s event is quite unique, as it is the first time that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken over the presidency.

France, a permanent member of the Security Council, was the chair of the Security Council in July this year. The responsibility was transferred from France to India for the next one month.

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India’s track record and Presidency of Narendra Modi

The UN Security Council works with the goal of ensuring global security. Its 15 member states are the five permanent members of the United Nations. The other ten states serve as non-permanent members for two years.

Each year, five temporary member states out of 10 permanent members complete their term and five other states take over as temporary members. Three of the ten temporary member states are elected from the African continent. Two states are elected from Asia, two from Latin America, Two states are elected from Western Europe and one state is elected from Eastern Europe.

In an election held in June 2020, India, as an Asian country, became a non-permanent member of the United Nations for a term of 2021-22.

India’s first term was 1950-51. It was during this period that India talked about the Korean War. India’s initiative to send a peacekeeping mission to Cyprus was commendable after it became a temporary member of the UN for the second time in the 1960s.

When India became a temporary member of the United Nations for 1972-73, India talked about South Asian politics. India pushed UN to recognize Bangladesh as a independent state.

Then, in 1977-78, India again became a non-permanent member of the Security Council. At that time, India supported the war of independence in Namibia. At the same time, India spoke out against apartheid.

India supported a number of resolutions when it was re-elected as a non-permanent member of the Security Council in 1984-85. Most of which was to prevent violence in the Middle East and to support states such as Palestine and Lebanon.

However, the most significant and historic period in India was 1991-92, where PV Narasimha Rao mentioned India’s contribution to the United Nations.

However, no Prime Minister has chaired the Security Council many times during his tenure. As a result, experts say that Narendra Modi’s presidency could be a milestone for India, which could pave the way for India to become a permanent member.

what are the possibilities to become permanent member?

For a long time, India has been talking about reform in the United Nations. Speaking about its contribution, the holder said that they have always stood by the oppressed and downtrodden people by supporting international law and the rule of law.

The Indian envoy has already given a clear idea of ​​what India’s position will be in the UN Security Council during the current term. India’s focused issue are maritime security, counter terrorism, peacekeeping, development of Women and Youth, Technological Development etc.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, India has identified various aspects of its contribution, including regional crises such as the Tibet and Taiwan issues.

India has long said that since the 1950s, it has supported the Korean War and the war of independence in Namibia.

In addition, India is currently a major economic power as well as always respectful for international law and rule of law.

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what are the barriers for India?

Generally, the permanent members of the Security Council think that the temporary member states will help them. In this regard, India maintains good relations with the four permanent member states, namely the United Kingdom, USA, France and Russia.

Although India has economic ties with veto-wielding China, political ties are not very conducive. Opposition is often seen on regional issues.

On the other hand, experts believe that South Asian politics may be one of the obstacles for India to gain permanent membership, as most of the South Asian countries are part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative for economic reasons.

On the other hand, Pakistan , one of India’s rivals, could create obstacles in the case of Kashmir. When India seeks permanent membership of the United Nations on the basis of its long track record, Pakistan can rule out the possibility in name of a Kashmir issue.

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