NASA NIAC Symposium 2021 is Happening Online

NASA NIAC Symposium is all set to happen in two days. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is constructing a Symposium on 21-23 September 2021. The Symposium is for the latest innovative NIAC program of 2021.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the symposium will take place virtually in a live stream.

Transforming the Future of Space Exploration is the main theme of the event.

This year’s project is all set to happen after two days.

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Details About NASA NIAC Symposium 2021

Moogega Cooper, the JPL Planetary Protection Engineer, will open the conference and address the keynotes. It will air on NASA TV, on 21st September commencing at 11:00 am ET.

The NIAC ( NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts) program supports the theories of early-stage visionary conceptions that will someday ‘transform the possible’ as in aeronautics and space.

The NIAC studies from the researches are evaluating and developing the revolutionary aerospace missions, architecture, and system’s conceptions.

So, these researchers by NASA are intent to authorize far-term potentials and sire exciting innovation to radically expand the exploration of aerospace, science, and the missions for space with benefit to Earth.

NIAC program is contributing to the Nation’s leadership in crucial researches, regions of technology, education, economic privileges, and fosters advocacy.

NIAC is the most infinite and far-off reaching program within NASA, as a fraction of the Space Technology Mission Directorate.

The NIAC notions cover a vast range of innovations within a various spectrum of sciences.

On the contrary, many harvest breakthroughs clasp the commitment of accelerating NASA’s advancement towards its objectives of exploration farther low-Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, to asteroids, and other preference areas in every NASA’s mission directorates.

Join the NASA NIAC Symposium 2021 at Livestream

Everyone is invited to this amazing symposium, So, it will inaugurate the multidisciplinary research of NIAC Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III fellows.

The experts of aeronautics will present the stirring keynotes presentations with refined technologies. They will also discuss further knowledge considering the latest news about the development of NIAC’s program.

The symposium will start from 21st till Friday 24th, each day will consist of several presentations and discussions regarding fellows’ current studies. All events will happen online in the live stream.

The symposium will continue all day and it’s amazingly free in cost and also open for everyone to attend.

The fellows are motivated to reach out to each other informally between breaks and twilight.

On Wednesday, there’s also an informal event of Women in Science in the evening, authorities will disclose the details soon.

On Friday, there can also be virtual tours accessible for the fellows, Authorities will disclose the details further.

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Speakers and Attendees

The speakers who will present at the live stream are as follows:
On Day 1, Moogega Cooper, the Lead Planetary Protection Engineer for Mars.
Day 2, Stephen Flaming (the Panel Moderator), Tim Swindle, Erika Hamden, Joellen Russell, and Mark Sykes.
On Day 3, Dane Elliot-Lewis and Dorit Donoveil.

There are approximately 305 attendees that are attending this event. The attendees are experts from several organizations all around the world.

Thus the details regarding the event, speakers, attendees, and others are available on the registration website.

The NIAC’s program will directly proceed by the Interstellar Research Group’s Symposium. So, On September 25-27 and it will be an in-person exhibition in AZ, Tucson.

NASA sponsored the NIAC’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. In particular, It’s responsible for formulating the pioneering modern technologies, cross-cutting, and initiating the capabilities that the agency needs to accomplish its recent and future missions.

The attendance of the symposium is rather free but everyone has to register first. To register individuals can go to the website of NASA’s 2021 Symposium. The registration is available in advance for everyone interested in the event.

On 21-23 September, the live stream of the symposium will be available on the streaming website.

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