NASA Selected Five U.S Space Companies For Artemis Lunar Lander Concepts

NASA has selected five U.S Companies For its Artemis Lunar Mission. The top most Companies include SpaceX and Blue Origin. 

Then, the companies will ensure sustainable human landing strategies. The growing concerns on advancement in lunar landing requirements are to be there. 

However, other concerns include: landing system concepts, risk-reduction activities and concepts about industry capabilities for lunar landing missions. 

NASA: Selection Of Five U.S Space Companies 

NASA selected the top five companies. These companies are selected on the basis of their research and development. Moreover have been awarded by the Next Space Technologies for exploration partnerships (NextSTEP-2)

The names of these award winning companies and value of awards are as under:

  • Blue Origin Federation of Kent, Washington, $25.6 million. 
  • Dynetics (a Leidos company) of Huntsville, Alabama, $40.8 million.
  • Lockheed Martin of Littleton, Colorado, $35.2 million.
  • Northrop Grumman of Dulles, Virginia, $34.8 million.
  • SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, $9.4 million.

Statement Of Lisa Watson

Lisa Watson is the Human Landing System Program Manager. From Huntsville, Alabama at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. She said that working with innovative U.S companies would be great to establish a strong lunar economy. 

She further said that partnering with these companies lead to the exploration of different new areas of the moon for the research of the next coming generations.

NASA’s Artemis Lunar Lander Concept

NASA has initiated the Artemis Program for the research and exploration of moon and lunar orbit. This is to establish a safe and cost efficient approach to reach the lunar surface.

image: NASA

For this purpose NASA has developed certain other concepts to reach higher ends. These include the development of the lunar transportation market. For which it is to be the ground development of regular lunar landing missions. 

Furthermore, NASA’s Artemis program also introduced the concept of landing to the first woman and first man of color on the Moon’s Surface. Thus it is to develop new science instruments and technology. Thus making it the long term presence on the moon. 

NASA’s Objectives For The Space Companies

NASA’s main goal has even been to establish a long term human presence on the moon using Lunar landers. To achieve the higher ends to the goal, NASA has made certain attempts. 

Thus selecting the top space companies has different aspects.

Then, the companies will develop lander design concepts. 

Design the Spacecraft’s capacities and evaluate their performances.

Ensure safety measures and develop crew health accommodations

Mitigate the risks in lunar landing systems by taking tests of different components and their functionality. 

Hence the Companies would ultimately modify all the space lunar landing systems. This would be a great deal to ensure NASA’s aim to provide regular Astronauts transportation to the Moon.

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NASA To Select SpaceX Starship For Lunar Landing Mission

SpaceX Starship is a super heavy lift launch Vehicle consisting of a dual stage launch system. This is the heaviest and most powerful launch vehicle than everbefore. However the SpaceX starship is designed to be the cost efficient launching capabilities. 

Hence, NASA has selected the starship due to systemic benefits of the launch vehicle along with it’s features of cost efficiency. This would have the launches with a target cost per launch of about US $2 million. 

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