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NASA To Release First JWST Science Images

NASA to release first JWST science images. 

NASA’s Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy views raw images from the James Webb Space Telescope. Visiting the Space Telescope Science Institute June 29.

Accordingly, with commissioning of the James Webb Space Telescope. And, nearly complete project officials. Also, the NASA leadership promise the telescope’s first images will stun scientists and the public alike.

NASA To Release First JWST Images

There was a media event at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). And, project managers and scientists said the telescope is already collecting “early release observations”. 

NASA, along with the European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency, will unveil July 12.

Accordingly, those observations are taking place as engineers finish preparing the telescope for routine science observations. Thus, 15 of its 17 observing modes now commissioned.

JWST Telescope And Images

JWST’s technical performance continues to exceed expectations. Lee Feinberg, JWST optical telescope element manager at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. 

He said that the telescope had a requirement that its resolution be diffraction limited. Accordingly, its sharpness has limitations only by the laws of physics — at wavelengths as short as 2 microns.

Also, he said the telescope has in fact diffraction limitations down to 1.1 microns.

However, Feinberg credited technical performance to several factors.

Such as attention to detail during its development and extensive testing. “We knew how significant this observatory is. It’s the biggest, most complex science mission, potentially, that NASA has ever built,” he said.

Upcoming Science Observations 

Scientists are gearing up for the upcoming release of the initial science observations. Accordingly, those will include color images and spectra. 

And, those observations will “demonstrate to the world that Webb is, in fact, ready for science. Also, it will produces excellent and spectacular results. Thus, it’s also to highlight the sheer breadth of science that can be done with Webb and to highlight all of the four science instruments.

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