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NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover Prevents Collisions And Laser Shots

NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover prevents collisions and laser shots. It has updated many maneuvering functions. Those include a robotic arm, a drill, a mast, instrument covers, a long-range antenna, and a maneuvering system. 

An unintentional collision with the rover’s body during movement can cause damage that they cannot repair. However, the SuperCam turns off the LIBS laser overhead to generate plasma and perform spectroscopy. 

Now, it can also want to prevent the laser from blocking on any part of the rover.

NASA’s Mars Perseverance Rover To Prevent Collisions On Martian Atmosphere 

NASA’s Mars Perseverance examines future movements and laser shots. It has Rover Collision Model flight software and autonomy to stop any activity before a collision occurs. 

Accordingly, to check for robotic arm collisions, Perseverance plans to move another arm in the future. And, it will check that it does not collide with the robber’s body at any point in this movement.

How Does It Work?

NASA’S Mars Perseverance Rover

Sometimes the arm must go very close to the hardware or even touch other parts of the robber’s body. For example,  when listening to a change of drills or cache samples. 

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Then, the robber knows when the contacts are intended, and lets himself happen. And, when Perseverance selects autonomous science targets using AEGIS, it uses the Rover Collision Model to filter out any targets. 

Otherwise, it may lead to a collision before selecting a target to target SuperCam.

Now, the operations team often sends rover orders once per sol. And, Endurance must protect itself if some of the activities do not work accordingly.  

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