Nepal remains neutral: disappointed HR activists

Nepal has taken a neutral stance on the UN resolution against Myanmar’s military government. Nepal has been neutral in the UN resolution condemning the military coup in Myanmar on June 18 and imposing a ban on direct arms sales to the Myanmar government. Also Nepal, in line with China, and India abstained from voting on the resolution.

Thirty-six countries took a neutral stance on the UN resolution against Myanmar, including Russia and China, two veto powers and one of the superpowers. South Asian giant India also abstained from voting on the resolution. Following these countries’ why Nepal also remained neutral, Human rights activists need to find an answer to this question a little further. In fact, Nepal has become a member of the UN Human Rights Council for the second time. As a result, Nepal’s views on any issue of human rights violations are important. Being there, such silent behavior of Nepal has questioned Nepal.

What is the reason for Nepal’s neutral behavior?

On June 18, the UN General Assembly passed an unprecedented resolution condemning the military coup in Myanmar on February 1, calling for the release of the country’s democratic leaders and for putting pressure on Myanmar to end its crackdown on civilians. A UN official said he believed the proposal would be approved by all members of the UN, but unfortunately, only 119 voted in favor. Belarus opposed the vote, with 36 abstaining. However, Russia, China, or India may be in a neutral position for their own political interests. But when asked why Nepal abstained from voting, the Nepalese ambassador said that Nepal took such a step on the advice of neighboring China and India.

The Nepalese government has said in its neutral position that steps have been taken to keep pace with regional countries. He added that Nepal has followed SAARC’s decision where SAARC member states India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc. did not vote. The ASEAN member states, such as Thailand and Laos, abstained from voting, so there is no reason to view Nepal’s behavior in particular. But the thing is six countries of ASEAN voted Against Myanmar. And everyone knows that China and India have their own position because of their own political and economic interests. On the one hand, China has huge economic plans around Myanmar and India wants to compete with Myanmar by improving its relations with Myanmar.

However, due to its neutral position, the Nepalese government added that there are about 300,000 people of Nepalese descent living in Myanmar. Therefore, the Nepalese government has to think about them before giving its opinion on any such proposal. However, experts say differently. At least Nepal’s neutrality as a member of the Human Rights Council has failed to make a conscious decision. If Nepal had supported democracy without taking a neutral stance to keep China and India happy, it would have been a milestone for the whole world.

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