New Competition Emerged Between Ethiopia And Egypt

Egypt is now competing with Ethiopia in the matter of exporting electricity to various African countries. It is very popular that the new rivalry between the two countries is a result of the backdrop of the dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Ethiopia’s Goals

Ethiopia has the ambition to supply electricity to various African countries with the help of GERD. It is clear that GERD would produce about 6 megawatts of electricity, which is the revised data given after 2014. In 2014 Ethiopia contended that it would start exporting electricity generated by the dam within ten years. But later announced in June 2020 by the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the country will start exporting electricity from 2023.

Ethiopia has started dealing with its buyers already. On July 7th, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda did a talk with Burundi’s Minister of Water, Energy, and Mineral Ibrahim Uwizeye. After the conversation, Uwizeye confirmed that Burundi would wait to complete the testing of the dam to buy electricity from Ethiopia.

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On Going Deals

However, Ethiopia already powers its neighbors Kenya, Sudan, and Djibouti. But it has announced that it will power them after the dam’s completion, particularly with hydroelectricity. Ethiopia has also added Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Yemen to its list.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s arch-enemy Egypt is also trying to establish deals with different countries to supply the energy. By helping them in setting up power plants and stations. After the heated GERD dispute, Egypt is trying to get more countries on its side. Recently it has offered Burundi to invest in his field of electricity.

Helping Hands

Also, Egypt is keen to support Burundi in developing its energy sector. Orascom, a private Egyptian company, has told that it is a part of the joint venture for constructing the Jiji and Mulembwe hydropower project on Burundi’s Jiji river. The aim is to generate 50 Megawatt of electricity through it.

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