News From Tibet: First Bullet Train To Tibet Launched

China on Friday began working on the principal bullet train line in Tibet, connecting Lhasa to Nyingchi close to the line with Arunachal Pradesh. This will be the subsequent rail line interfacing Tibet to the hinterland, following the all-around open Qinghai-Tibet rail.

Some Details Of Bullet Train Project

The China State Railway Group said the 435-km line, on which development started in 2014, has a planned speed of 160 kilometers each hour and would interface the capital city of the Tibet Autonomous Region to the boundary city of Nyingchi with a movement season of three and a half hours. 

More than 90% of the track is 3000 meters above ocean level, state media cited the railroad bunch as saying, and the line is the main electric fast rail (HSR) line, as China alludes to projectile trains, in Tibet. China has the world’s longest HSR organization. 

More Details Of Bullet Train Project in Tibet

The Lhasa-Nyingchi rail is one among a few significant framework projects as of late finished in Tibet’s southern and southeastern provinces close to the Arunachal line. Last month, China finished the development of a deliberately critical roadway through the Grand Canyon of the Yarlung Zangbo stream, as the Brahmaputra is brought in Tibet. This is the second huge way to the Medog area that borders Arunachal, the Xinhua news office announced, straightforwardly associating the Pad municipality in Nyingchi to Baibung in Medog district. 

The Lhasa-Nyingchi rail is one segment of the Sichuan-Tibet rail route line associating the two common capitals, another essential venture considered significant enough for President Xi Jinping to formally dispatch it and portrayed by the Chinese chief as a significant advance in defending public solidarity and a critical move in advancing the monetary and social improvement of the western district. This will be the subsequent railroad line interfacing Tibet to the hinterland, following the generally open Qinghai-Tibet rail. 

The primary part of the new line, from Chengdu, the commonplace capital of Sichuan, to Yaan, was done in December 2018, while work on the 1,011 km Yaan-Nyingchi line will cover the whole railroad line by 2030. 

Party Official Zhu Weiqun’s Remarks

Zhu Weiqun, a senior Party official once accountable for Tibet strategy, was cited as saying by state media the railroad will help transport progressed gear and advancements from the remainder of China to Tibet and bring neighborhood items out. He further said that on the off chance that a situation of an emergency occurs at the boundary, the rail line can go about as a most optimized plan of attack for the conveyance of strategic materials.

China completes military drill in Tibet 

The drill occurred in the background of the continuous military grinding among India and China at the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. 

China’s military as of late partook in a record-breaking high-height drill in the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) zeroing in on battle preparation, the Chinese protection service said on Thursday. 

Coordinated by the Tibet Military Region, the preparation recreated fight circumstances that necessarily incorporated tasks or joint preparation between various units of the soldiers sent in the district. 

People’s Liberation Army 

The service added that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has completed in excess of 100 strategic activities this year in which the amount of ammo had essentially expanded. 

The Tibet Military Region is essential for the PLA’s Western Theater Command (WTC), China’s biggest order, which directs the long and questioned line with India. 

The service didn’t say where in the TAR, which borders India, Nepal, and Bhutan, the huge scope preparation occurred; however, said the escalated preparation was held in elevations over 3,700m. 

The drill occurred in the backdrop of the continuous military grinding among India and China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

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