Nigeria: 100 kidnapped villagers freed after 42-day captivity

According to Zamfara police, the 100 kidnapped villagers in early June are release already following negotiations with their abductors.

 According to the spokesman for Zamfara state police, Mohammed Shehu, the release of hostages is entirely unconditional. 

All hostages got free without giving any gain to the gang. 

All the hostages are under medical check before reuniting with their family members. 

After shooters, locally known as bandits, stormed Manawa village on June 8, the group with women and children are in the forest hideout.

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The Negotiation

According to the sources of AFP news, the police have secured the hostages with some assurance to the bandits. The police had assured them that no action would be taken on them if they release all the people.

And according to Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris, 24 people still need to evacuate from the forest due to their health conditions. He’s reporting this all over from the Nigerian capital Abuja.

Officials granted amnesty schemes to bandits in some states like Katsina and Zamfara. Or during the past weeks, the increased military activity. This all explains the without payment hostage’s release.

The Terror 

 In recent years Northwest and central Nigeria have fallen prey to cattle thieves and kidnappers who raid villages. They do killing and kidnapping after looting the houses and livestock and also burns the homes.

Now the criminals have started to abduct schools and kidnapping students for ransom. Whenever the parents are unable to pay the ransom to the kidnappers, they kill the victim. 

Known Location of Kidnappers  

We only know that this group operates from camps in the vast Rugu forest, which cuts across Zamfara, Katsina, and Kaduna states in Nigeria and neighboring Niger.

On Monday, due to an ambush, 13 policemen were killed in Zamfara state. Those martyrs were trying to protect the villagers from the imminent attack. 

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